As Imperial fortunes continued to decline under the leadership of Empress Talmerith Jael, the Empire was forced to withdraw from more and more strategic centers. Onderon was no exception. The puppet council left in the wake of the Imperial evacuation proved ineffective, and Onderon entered a period of chaos. For a short while an unlikely triumvirate emerged, an unsteadily alliance between Republican General Selkisto Horten, Exchange Syndicate boss Hulio Andel, and former trade minister Captain Tesserian. At the same time the Princess Astra made her first appearance on Onderon, attempting to take the throne for her own Royal House.

The unwieldy triumvirate soon collapsed. General Selkisto retreated to Chandrila where he began to gather GAR clone troopers for what would be a successful overthrow of Empress Talmerith's rule on Coruscant. Exchange leader Hulio Andel disappeared at the height of the Black Sun - Exchange War, while Captain Tesserian vanished into the depths of Nar Shaddaa's undercity.

Into this power vacuum emerged several powerful Sith Lords, who subverted and plundered Onderon. After devastating the Onderon economy and driving many of Onderon's lead citizens into exile, the Sith were ousted by the 202nd Clone trooper brigade and the elite 41st stormtrooper regiment under Executor Ardonis Commodore. Princess Astra once again returned to her shaky throne.

Onderon continued to be plagued by Sith infiltration, and rumours that some of the Royal House had been subverted by the Sith. Further troubles emerged as a dynastic dispute emerged between Imperial throne claimant Christopher Fel and Executor Ardonis Commodore.

For a brief moment the Port of Iziz remerged as a major trade center as Sector H-88 Muun bankers set up a special investment fund to restore Iziz's fortunes; these hopes were dashed as the PGA Senate sided with Emperor Fel in the ongoing dynastic dispute. Prominent in the Senatorial opposition to Onderon's rise were Chancellor (General) Selkisto and Velmoran Senator Vandergraff, who were able to wrest investment contracts intended for Onderon and redirect them to Velmoran corporate interests.

Port Iziz's fortunes began to improve once again after a series of complex trade deals with Sabra Shipping and Captain Tesserian's galactic "Trade Fleet" managed to restore Onderon's trade connections with the southeastern quadrant of the galaxy. None of these trade deals, however, was able to stop the rise of the Velmoran Trade Empire centered on Velmor Industrial Sector giants Velmoran Military Engineering Works ("VMEW") and Ilkest Industries.

Princess Astra and her Royal House remained mired in internal intrigue and were unable to offer effective leadership, allowing many opportunities to be lost as they were outmaneuvered by their Velmoran rivals.

There is some speculation that Velmoran hostility stems from the period of the dual Velmor-Onderon monarchy under Queen Hyacinth, under which Velmoran interests were neglected. Velmor did not return to a position of prosperity until the Monarchy and the superceding rights of the Velmoran Nobility (many who had moved to Onderon) were annulled by the rise of the Velmoran democratic movement.

In a tragic end to the First Astran Dynasty, the Sith ravager "Raven's Harvest" attacked Onderon, taking advantage of Onderon's poor defence posture. Iziz was heavily damaged in the bombardment with high civilian casualties. Onderon, rudderless, began a period of decline.

Second Astran DynastyEdit

The Second Astran Dynasty began with the return of Princess-Regent Astra to the devastated port city of Iziz. After a long and painful period rebuilding, marked by continued dissension and some prominant political defections, the Second Dynasty began to reshape the political fortunes of Onderon. As the fortunes of the Imperial Republic began to wane, Onderon began its reemergence as a key regional player.

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