Orad Kloon is a character of the ESCAPE movies.

First Appearance - Arrival Part TWO

Last Appearance - The Truth

Before the crashEdit

Himself and Lyder at some point in time became very very good friends. Orad lived on Naboo inside the city of Theed for many years and one day called Lyder to come. Orad expressed his concern with with wife Nibali who he suspected to be seeing another man. Lyder dismissed these ideas and suggested he'd hire someone to spy on her for a while. Orad agreed to this and Lyder departed Naboo. Just before he called Nibali to warn her of Orad being onto them.

At another point in time, Orad turned up at Orad's house on Tatooine ordering they talk. Lyder expressed apologize for having the affair and that he wanted Orads forgivness. Orad delined and ran away to an Imperial Employer who took pitty on him. The Imperial offered him a chance to start again and sent him to a space station in some point in space. Orad was unaware he'd head to Titan One.

After the crashEdit

He helped bring Lyder with Hypt to the Temple.

He requested to see Lyder when he was being kept at the Temple & the General refused this request.

After the rescueEdit

There were runmours of Orad's departure of the planet a few days before movement. But it is unknown where Orad is.

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