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The Order of the Dark Jedi (ODJ) is a group of Jedi who train in both the light and dark side powers of the force. They remain neutral to Jedi and sith overall, only making enemies with particular orders when it suits them.



  • SITH
  • TF
  • LME Jedi


The ODJ was formed by Blade Reluin, a formerly Light Jedi who later turned to Dark Jedi. The ODJ are not like most Dark Jedi, in that most Dark Jedi wish to hide and become more and more like the Sith, to the point that they become Sith. The ODJ is dedicated to train those who wish to learn the ways of the darkside but still wish to use the lightside powers as well. The ODJ believes in doing what is right in thier own mind. They despise the Sith. They always seem to get caught in the middle of wars with the Jedi and the Sith, but the ODJ remains netural and only helps when it benefits them.

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