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Otacon Skinstad is a force sensitive homeborn on Coruscant.


Otacon has been raised on Coruscant and grown up together with ILUM Jedi Order associates.

Otacon has always shown a particular connection with the force since the age of 5, he managed from an early age to able to move and float objects around him.

Otacon Knighthood
At some point of his life and eager to live a new experience, Otacon decided to move to Dantooine. At the age of 18 and after a long period of training he became a Jedi Knight in Dantooine Jedi Enclave. He served on Dantooine as a Jedi Consular, choosing a diplomatic path among Jedi Representatives.

After a year and half of service and because of some issues within the Council, Otacon decided to leave his path as a Jedi to start a diplomatic career among Naboo Royalty.

Moving to the capital of Naboo, Theed city, he was appointed Governor of Theed by Queen Adala , the actual regnant of the planet.

War against the Disciples of RagnosEdit

Queen Adala and her Governor together with Jedi ally fought a long war against Disciples of Ragnos, a Sith order which was terrifying the citizens of Naboo after Theed's Royalty denied to join them in exchange of "protection" and military support. Otacon together with the Senator Moyet Kirkorian of Naboo was involved in first line to promote diplomacy among the New Republic planets, he was also welcomed on Kamino by the Prime Minister himself in order to supervise and coordinate the training of a clone army, created in order to fight a common menace.

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Mission on KaminoEdit

Kamino has always been an indipendent planet but like Naboo, it was menaced by DOR forces to join them or if not there would be horrible consequences for its citizens. Kamino decided to refuse such alliance to join instead the Republic, starting the creation of a clone army in order to support the Republic against the sith threat. Otacon's acquired skills as a Jedi on Dantooine were very useful to him in order to teach clone soldiers to fight against force users. Upon Kaminoan Reignants request, Otacon leaded and supervised the formation of clone troopers.

After the war ended Queen Adala suffered from a form of fever which has not been cured in time, during the Disciples of Ragnos war. The apparent reasons why Queen Adala decided to ignore medical aid is due to her will to show herself as a strong reignant in front of their citizens, during the war. After the conflict, Adala was recovered in Dantooine Medical Center for checks regarding her status, unfortunately Dantooine Healers gave her a few days of life.

Death of AdalaEdit

Queen Adala was brought to Theed to live her last days together with her entourage and government.

The tragic announcement shocked all the Naboo (people). After a brief period there was an election in order to name a new Queen, the people of Theed voted to elect as new reignant of Naboo Moyet Kirkorian, the right arm of Queen Adala, who has always been in first line in diplomacy. However, Adala's death started a competition for the crown between the Senator Moyet Kirkorian who was named Queen of Theed and Queen Rasza of Lake Country, elected by her people, an opposite faction of Naboo. Queen Rasza has always supported the Disciples of Ragnos since her election seems to be connected with Sith occupation on Naboo.

In this contest, Otacon decided to resign because of the competition among the two Queens, he declared: "Naboo has always been a peaceful planet and its sovereigns elected democratically. Claiming sovereignty without popular consent is not the democratic way. I have given all myself in diplomacy and fighting against the Disciples of Ragnos occupation and together with the Royal House of Theed, I had success. Unfortunately, I now realize there is too much hatred and fights among the Royalty. I have no place here in this War of Succession. I wish to thank all the Naboo people who believed in me, I am proud to have been part of this liberation process, I will continue to fight for freedom and democracy, wherever I'll go. I feel my place is now elsewhere. "

Otacon left his position as Governor of Theed, to return to his homeworld of Coruscant in order to take a period of reflection.

A new beginning...Edit

On Coruscant, Otacon rejoined his old brothers of ILUM Jedi Order, Master Sensory, Panelope and Sirio who have welcomed him in his homecity after a long time. Here, Otacon found a renewed inspiration for the Jedi Lifestyle and started to frequent the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. While in the temple, deep meditations brought him to dedicate himself towards his home planet citizens as an ILUM Associate, even though with no ranks in the Jedi Order itself. During his stay on Coruscant, the city was once bombed by the New Confederacy, Otacon was found by a Jedi Knight in the underground ruins; he was seriously injured and had to undergo a surgery operation. Most of his body have been rebuilt using cybernetics, and an exoskeleton was applied to his spine, improving (enhancing) his strength and speed despite the lost of his anatomic parts. Otacon seems to have improved a lot his condition and most cybernetics have been replaced with new biological tissues.

Return to DantooineEdit

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After Coruscant was occupied by the Sith Empire, the ILUM Jedi Order disbanded and its member retired to private life, Otacon returned to Dantooine where, after a short period of apprenticeship to his old master Artiste, he rejoined the Dantooine Jedi Enclave ranks as a Jedi Knight, returning as a Consular within the Diplomatic Path among Dantooine Representatives. Otacon declared that his place is now in Dantooine, serving its people as a Jedi and peacekeeper.

Not so long after his return, Otacon trained his first padawan Jarael Kimono.

After an intense period of training, Jarael acquired the rank of Jedi Knight.

Months later, Otacon was named Jedi Master by Dantooine Enclave Council, he recently switched to Guardian Path and now covers also the role of Lightsaber Instructor in DJE.

He was recently named Council Member by Dantooine Jedi Enclave Council.

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