Parja Bralor was the niece of Rav Bralor. She loved to fix things, from a broken chrono to a sick baby nerf. Because of this, she owned a workshop on Mandalore. After about 7 years of owning the workshop, she found herself in debt to a Small town crime boss. So that she could pay off the debt, she Started to make a way in bounty hunting and became one of the galaxies most feared. Even though she is a Mercenary, she still Values the ways of the mando'ad, Brandishing her not a Dar'manda.


After finding a small shack on the outscurts of Anchorhead which belonged to her father, She found his armor in a hidden chest in the cellar of the hut so, after she had made the necessary modifications to the armor, she went on a search for bounties.

"Dad, why do they call her The Moon Lunatic?" Lets just say that you dont want to run into her in a dark alley with a bounty on your head "

— A young boy asking his father about the origin of Parja's nick-name

Mandalorian Clan BralorEdit

Because of thew majority of her family was dead, she decided to try and restart Bralor up, not wanting her families clan to be forgotten.


She is known for her cunning,speed and ruthless like behaviour, but she is completely different to her friends, being a kind and caring person. She is also know as "The Me'suum'ika Dinii" or "The Moon Lunatic" In Mando'a because she often preffered to strike during night, she also liked to take a part of her victim from eyeball to head which gave her the "Lunatic" part but, again She is generally a kind-hearted person towards her friends and aliit.