"Pat'rox" Pattagalion Zann was an Imperial Stormtrooper and a bounty hunter. Now he is the general of the formation of the dark. He was created on a ship as a clone of Tyber Zann, a powerful crime lord. He was sent to Dorin as a baby. Trained and raised by a Kel Dor Bounty Hunter. Learned the Kel Dor's Martial Arts. Trained to kill and become a bounty hunter. As a teen age, He works for criminals in Dorin , Hunt, Torture, and kill. He became a man of confidence. He grows up has friends all over the galaxy. His Kel Dor Father had problems with a Hutt Crime Organization. Patrox went to shut down the organization at Mos Espa. Another Hutt Organization sent a bounty hunter to kill Patrox's Children and wife. Pat'rox was too late to save his family. Pat'rox went to Mos Eisley to seek for Revenge.

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105 ABY, A Spaceship landed on a dangerous planet, a planet where the atmosphere contained very little oxygen, and barely supported life. A man walked down from the spaceship holding a baby in his arms. He had protected armors and wore masks to filter the oxygen. A Kel Dorian Hunter moved toward the man and asked "Koh-to-yah, Human.. What are you doing here", the man answered "We are the last living group of the Zann Consortium seeking a place to drop off this baby". The baby screamed and cried. "He is dying with out a mask", The Kel Dorian replied. "I was hoping he would die", The Man answer. The Kel Dorian aims his blaster toward the man "How cruel and uncivilized you human are". The Kel Dorian took the baby from the man's hand and shot the man in the head. The ship took off and disappeared. The Kel Dorian ran to his house with the baby. Open the door, put the baby down and quickly searches for his mask. He founded a mask and wield it to the baby human. The Kel Dorian sees the tag on his left arm written "Tyber Zann - Clone #1".

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The Kel Dorian "Nat Sun" raised the baby as a great father, Nat Sun called him "Pattagalion Zann". Zann was 14, He was strong and had confident in himself. One night after Nat Sun finished his job, He had a conversation with Zann about his job as a bounty hunter. Nat Sun invited Zann to his job and Zann Agreed.

Zann had Martial arts Lessons since he was 5. Nat Sun taught him how to use the techniques and skills with his targets. Nat Sun started teaching him how to use Blaster Rifles. Nat Sun took Zann to the crime organization he is working for. Zann met a mandalorian bounty hunter named "Ani'la Sporg". Ani'la gave an ancient sword to Zann called the "Katana". Ani'la taught Zann to use the katana and taught some basic Mando'a

Martial artist TotG

Kel Dor martial artist


18 years old Patrox Zann in a Mission.

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