The Perlemian Trade route and the Hydian Hyperspace Run are the two largest and most frequented hyperspace runs that link the galactic core with the rest of the galaxy.

Currently contested by the Empire, the Dark Trade Federation, commerce raiders and various pirate groups.

At the height of the Imperial Republic, the Perlemian Trade Route was the most prosperous and stable trade route in the entire galaxy, serving the core worlds from Coruscant to Mon Calamari.

With the decline of the Imperial Republic, and subsequent breach of the Onderon-Coruscant Perlemian Trade Agreement, traffic along this route was drastically curtailed.

[This sim was discontinued at the end of 2009 to reflect changes in the galactic polity as the center of trade shifted to the lower Hydian Way]

Trade along the Perlemian Trade Route collapsed after the route became a hunting ground for Huttila's Hordes and their Anzati

pirate allies.