Petro Suntracker was a Lorrdian child who had a strong sense of justice widely because him and his family were continously treated like slaves. Later on before his tragic death he rounded up a group of outcast children living on the street and found them a place to stay and took risks alone in providing them food to eat. Petro's grave marker rests in a royal garden to this day on the planet Bakura. It was crafted and placed there by his childhood friend White Ragu.

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From the earliest age that Petro Suntracker could remember he had always been a slave forced to spend long hot days in the sun drenched academy room taking orders from the ones who owned him and his family. His people had been freed long ago from his lessons however still society seemed to be his predator.

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Arriving on the planet of Bakura Petro and his parents were new to the landscape but they were able to make a small home.

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Petro arrived in front of the new medical clinics in the city which was the best place to find the medicine Yacey needed for her fever.

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Even though Petro would steal for his band of outcasts he had an overwhelming sense for right and wrong. This is what got him in the position of taking these great risks. He was unable to see the street children go without shelter and nourishment. He would often mimic the children to entertain them. This was one of the traits his people learned to do long ago and it passed on through the ages. Petro also had trouble seeing people cry and often felt he had to intervene and come up with a solution to the problem. This was one of the things he did with his best childhood friend White Ragu who was a lost child from an ancient planet that was unknown to most of the galaxy. While she was crying in her sleep he would lye beside her and hum to her which got her to stop. He always waited until she had stopped before he closed his eyes.

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