The Phase II Velmoran Combat Armor was a full set of body armor designed for Velmor's defense forces, and was adopted by the PGAF in the early stages of the war with the Revenant Armada. It introduced durasteel into the armor line, as well as a higher degree of combat protection and modularity. The Phase II armor saw use through the invasion of Coruscant by the Revenant Armada, and the counterattack by the PGA and its allies. It has since been discontinued.


The Phase II Velmoran Armor was starkly different from the previous phase, being constructed primarily of durasteel, and with greater coverage to include protection of the stomach, upper arms, and thighs, as well as increased armor strength over the chest. It also included an official adoption of the full durasteel helmet, showing significant influence from GAR's armor at the time. Intended strictly for conventional military uses, it included mounts for six full-sized MB-2 ammunition pouches (totally 3,000 rounds worth of ammunition), two medkits, three grenades, a drop bag, and five pouches for gas magazines, other equipment, or pistol ammunition.
AIR on Rhen Var

A.I.R. commandos in the A.I.R. variant of the Phase II armor

It came in two variants, one for A.I.R. and one for the PGAF marines, with the former sporting a built-in gravpack and multi-spectrum lights mounted on the shoulders, while the marine variant had an expanded storage and life support container mounted beneath the plate of the back armor, for use in extended field deployment. The printing of personnel names on the rear of the armor's back originated in the use of the Phase II armor, but the use of HARP-51L gravpacks covered the labels. The trade-off for greater coverage and protection was a reduction in mobility, paralleling the PGAF's full transition from paramilitary to pure military duties. It was soon discovered that the use of gravpacks could mitigate much of the felt weight, but the resulting assembly was still blocky and bulky.


Like the previous set of armor, VMEW designed and subcontracted production of the Phase II armor before its introduction into the Velmoran defense forces. It was soonafter adopted by the PGAF during its reorganization into Marine and A.I.R. divisions from among the existing naval branch. As the two militaries shared a good deal of equipment models (a majority being Velmoran), the decision made logistical sense while also fulfilling the PGAF's requirements for stronger combat armor that would also function reliably with minimal maintenance throughout the upcoming campaign against the Revenant. While it did perform sufficiently in this regard, it was found to be bulky and cumbersome, requiring constant gravpack use to keep the experienced weight down.
Phase 2 002

The rear compartment of the Marine variant of the Phase II armor. It contained enough oxygen for several hours of survival in vacuum, and rations for one week without relief

Nonetheless the PGAF put it to constant use, primarily in operations on Coruscant to contain the Revenant invasion and thwart its activities on Coruscant. It featured more heavily in the counterattack by allied forces which established a foothold for the PGA on the planet, and in the ensuing buildup of military forces on the planet. Due to its limitations, and the resources of the PGA, it had a much shorter run than the cheaper and less resilient Phase 1 Armor, and during the lull in fighting following the reestablishment of an allied position on the planet, it was replaced by the Phase III Velmoran combat armor.

Operational DeploymentEdit

The Phase II armor is no longer in use, and its limited run meant that few examples still exist, though they joined the Phase 1 armor in VMEW's surplus lineup.

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