The Pylon (Pylonians), are a mutated sub-species of Snakes, Humans and Trandoshans, who were captured and experimented on by scientists millions of years ago.


Eventually a large number of the mutated species escaped and colonized the planet Pylon, located in the Pylonian System near the mid rim.

Aenanya Riaxik, a Pylonian

The mutated species changed their name to Pylons or Pylonians and adapted to their new native homeworld, which they then developed their own culture, traditions as well as evolved further into the more human like species seen today. However after many wars and fighting some of the Pylonians moved to diffrent systems and moons, some settling as far as the Hoth System to the Mustafar system. Pylonians can speak Galactic Basic as well as their primary language colloquial Trandoshian which is called Pylonian, but most words and vouls still reamin the same. Appearance wise Pylonians still have scales on their bodies ranging from head to toe and come in a variety of diffrent colors ranging from green, to gold, tan to blue. These colors act as camouflage to allow them and adapt to their native environment. The blue skinned Pylonians are usualy found in the northern and southern pole regions of the planet where it has a cold climate, while the tan and gold skinned Pylonians are found in the desert regions and the green Pylonians originate from the jungle regions. Pylonians can eat just about anything and can at times feast on their own kind, thus making them cannibals, but their favorite food is rodants such as rats and mice.

The Pylonians are cold blooded and constantly need heat in order to survive, they are a humanoid subspecies of snakes, they are a very nomadic people and have a very matriarchy society that is ruled by Queens in each tribe. Women are often times seen wearing live snakes on their head which they gather from their gardens or homes, the snakes are usually poisonous, and the women use them as hair ornaments, which they can throw at any time and use as weapon, queens use more poisonous snakes. The Pylonians are immune to snake bites if they are bitten by a snake from their own planetary system, but if they are not they can die just like everyone else bitten. Women and men share a psychic bond with all reptiles from their solar system and reptiles are highly sacred and worshiped among their people. Snakes are believed to be the goddess Deirdre come to them in the form of a snake, she is the goddess of the universe, the force and creator of all things.


1.) Hydrolitta Tribe - 1st Blue Pylonian Tribe (on Ordaj)

2.) Hylieah Tribe - Blue Pylonian Tribe (on Pylon)

3.) The Aeotii Tribe - 1st Green Pylonian Tribe (on Trandosha)

4.) Excinae Tribe - 2nd Green Pylonian Tribe (on Pylon)

5.) The Radou Tribe - 3rd Green Pylonian Tribe (on Kashyyyk)

6.) Kathian Tribe - 1st Black Pylonian Tribe (on Pylon)

7.) Valaano Tribe - 2nd Black Pylonian Tribe (on Mustafar)

8.) Pylae Tribe - 1st Tan Pylonian Tribe (on Pylon)

9.) Heathae Tribe - 2nd Tan Pylonian Tribe (on Tatooine)

Ranking SystemEdit

Empress, Reigns over the entire Pylonian Star System

Blue Queens, artic tundras

Green Queens, jungles

Black Queens, volcano regions

Tan Queens, desert regions

High Preists/ Preistesses

Preists/ Preistesses




Color SystemEdit

Skin ColorsEdit

Green = Jungle Regions

Tan = Desert Regions

Black = Volcano Region

Blue = Artic Tundras

Clothing ColorsEdit

Gold = Empress of Pylon

Silver = Tribal Queens

White = Nobles

Black = Soldiers

Red/ Black = Preists & Preistesses

Green = Working class

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