Quinn Perona is a male amaran that trained on Bakura as a Padawan in The Jedi Order. Not much is known about Quinn's past as he was discovered by civilians as the sole survivor in a shipwreck that crashed on Bakura in Salis D'aar's lower-city.


Quinn was discovered by citizens in the lower-city of Salis D'aar as the sole survivor in a shipwreck of a prisoner transport vessel. Badly scorched and on the edge of death, Quinn was brought to a medical clinic in the city for immediate treatment. An allergic reaction was observed upon topical application of bacta by a medic, and kolto was sparse in the clinic, so he was brought to the Bakuran Jedi temple in a final attempt to save his life.

As the Jedi healers of the order worked tirelessly to preserve Quinn's life, he unknowingly reached into the minds of those around him and inflicted upon them immense pain, projecting his suffering onto his saviors. With his body restored and his mind unable to recall anything about his life prior to the shipwreck, he was cautiously accepted as an initiate into The Jedi Order.

After many hours of studying and physical training, Quinn was acknowledged as a Padawan of The Jedi Order after being offered a position as a student of Sir Kekken Biberman, a Jedi Knight in the Order.

Following the mysterious disappearance of Biberman, Quinn worked tirelessly to locate his master by cross-referencing digital news records with potential destinations for a Jedi Knight. He received little help from the Order as the Jedi council was occupied with purging the Sith infestation from Salis Daar's lower-city, so, for the first time since his shipwreck, Perona departed from the surface of Bakura and flew to Yavin IV, a candidate for the location of his master. After spending some time around the ancient temple and speaking with a few members of the Kalway Order of Jedi, it became evident to Quinn that it was unlikely his master was on the planet's surface. Perona made use of his time on the planet by gathering resources that would aid in the construction of a lightsaber, though he lacked the schematics required to begin building one.

Having set his emotions aside, Quinn relinquished the search for his master to pursue his own Jedi training further. He searched through the Jedi archives on Yavin IV for more digital resources that could aid in the construction of a lightsaber and discovered that his best hope for acquiring lightsaber schematics lied in the Library of Ossus, a Sith-occupied repository of ancient knowledge. Without hesitation, Quinn departed from the surface of Yavin IV and set a flight path for Ossus.


Quinn uses his skill in verbal reasoning to evade the Sith presence on Ossus.

Perona landed the shuttle in an isolated area of the forest not too far from the library itself and he made his way to the nearest taxi station on-foot. Quinn entered the library from the other side of the main entrance by using his force-abilities to propel himself through an elevated, open window at the rear, and he quickly found his way to the stairwell that would lead him to the weapons' archives. He was confronted by a female twi'lek before he could make his way inside, Farii: an apparent disciple of the Sith. With another disciple at his back, the young amaran posed as a blacksmith that sought to obtain rare documents describing methods for bonding extremely durable blades composed of multi-alloys. He struck a deal with Farii that would allow him to enter the weapons' archives in exchange for his katana- the only material item that could have a link to his past. Perona obtained the final schematics he required to construct his own lightsaber (along with many useless documents describing bonding methods for physical blades), and after a confrontation with the other Sith disciple outside, Quinn headed back to his shuttle and set a flight path back to Salis D'aar's spaceport.

After the construction of his lightsaber, Quinn completed an extensive material analysis on pieces of shrapnel obtained from his previous shipwreck. While the serial numbers on the parts were almost entirely unreadable, elemental analysis revealed unique trace elements in the hull's alloys which were mined and processed exclusively on Tatooine. Quinn made a difficult choice when finally presented with a viable lead to uncovering the mystery of his past; he relinquished his rank as a member of the Jedi Order of Bakura and sailed for Anchorhead, Tatooine.


While the discoveries that Perona made of his past while in Anchorhead may only be speculated, his journey resulted in the exchange of his cyan lightsaber crystal for a pure white crystal. Quinn was last spotted in the under-city of Coruscant.


  • Communicator
  • Datapad
  • Lightsaber
  • Pistol - Rapture HP-26.

Quinn's lightsaber.

Perona wields a single-bladed lightsaber that bears a haunting white glow, reminiscent to the lightsabers used by the Imperial Knights of the Fel Empire. His lightsaber is primitive yet elegant in design, incorporating bone into the hilt's grip for added balance and for extra power behind his strikes.