"Days like this make me think I was manufactured in haste.


— R-3P0

"SHUT UP YOUR BIG MONT OF SHAKING BOLTS !!! and please be more carefull about my fine arts pieces in the future. "

— Gnartto

R-3P0 is a droid who left many masters in his past; because he is so clumsy and annoying no one can handle with him for too much time.

Biography Edit

Early years of activation. Edit

He was constructed by the famous droid manufacturer Cybot Galactica with a old 3PO model chassis, and some times remember an old droid who played a major role in the galactic civil war 140 years ago.

No one knows how many masters this droid had before Blorrta the Hutt, but Blorrta really cares about him and created a big friendship with R-3P0. But Nothing remains for much time, Blorrta was killed for a bounty hunter named Drenix Krill.

Without a master, R-3P0 appeared to have no aim or function as it wandered across the entire city of Mos Eisley.

Encounter with Gnartto. Edit

Few months after the dramatic lost of Blorrta the Hutt, R-3P0 was caught stealing energy from the external conduits by a Toydarian named Gnartto.

The Gnartto´s first act is shut off the droid and seek for his owner, but no one can tell him the real fate of the prior master of the droid. After some reflections, Gnartto decided to take the ownership of the droid and reprogram R-3P0 to aid him in his shop.

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