R34l1ty H4ck3r5 are Thordain Curtis, Ethereal Freemont and Glitch Tennant, developers of lightsabers and Guns for Star Wars Role-play in Second Life. All FUSION Lightsabers and the TEMPEST Blaster are created for ease of use and the lowest script use for the sim. For over 2 years R34l1ty H4ck3r5 have updated the range and supported all saber users with free updates. Friendly group members and Quality Beta Testers have helped make some great lightsabers and they are used and regarded as the best by many in SL. The R34l1ty H4ck3r5 Group is open to join and there is a forum for all users to comment and give ideas if they wish.

Visit the Anzat to say hello to the team

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