Kyanduso as a Sith Acolyte

Kyanduso in her days as a Sith Acolyte alongside her her little captured Astro Driod R486

R486, was Jedi Master Aenanya Riaxik's loyal medical droid that assisted her in the medical bay as well as with varies surgeries. The drioid was captured alongside its master and reprogrammed to serve its next masters loyaly. Afterward, it was sold to smugglers who then sold it to Kyanduso Taurus; who since then has kept it to help her with her Sith Alchemy.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Vashara created an alt named R486 who she roleplayed as, she also on her main account purchased an actual driod that follows her around everywhere. R486 is a stationary NPC, that will be seen more with Kyanduso as more roleplays come up.