The RAP-1 was a transport designed and produced by Velmoran Military Engineering Works during the war with the Revenant Armada. It was designed in response to brutal air to air and air to ground battles on Coruscant, where a smaller, more nimble, and more combat capable craft was needed than the MT 85 gunships.


VMEW RAP-1 002

The deadly RAP/E variant.

Unlike the MT series, the RAP-1 was designed as a light attack craft and transport from the outset, with reduced size and cargo carrying ability to facilitate the mounting of weapons to create a deadly mobile attack platform. The RAP-1 also was an example of a shift in VMEW design from the angular shapes of the Xesh, Aurek, and MT 85 to more round and organic shapes. The RAP-1 was based partially on the VMEW CPA-12 and borrowed heavily from the MT 85 line, and still bears some resemblance to its ubiquitous ancestor. The RAP-1 had three variants; the stock variant, which was armed with missile pods and a blaster turret and could carry small containers or vehicles; the RAP/E, which was a dedicated attack platform, mounting air-to-air missiles on either side of the cockpit; and the RAP/Tr, which had a cramped passenger compartment for up to six people with a generous locker behind it.



Operational deploymentEdit

The RAP-1 has yet to be deployed in any significant numbers.

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