Races and Acceptable AvatarsEdit

Within Second Life, there have been multiple avatars used over a long period of time to define a player's choice of race in Star Wars Role Play. Some avatars are easier to obtain than others, some are cheaper while others are very expensive. This page has been created to give players an idea for what is required, on their part, to make an acceptable avatar in Star Wars Role Play.

This page may be edited at any time by people who wish to offer helpful input or notes. Please feel free to add your own screenshots, race information, and so forth. The images, and races, on this page should represent something that is acceptable on a wide variety of sims, elitist and otherwise. Please don't post cartoony examples - those will not be acceptable.

Please try to keep listings in alphabetical order.

Races & Avatar InformationEdit





Average Cost:

> L$2700 (Estimated)

Avatars Required:

> Curious Moufette (Skunk)(ONE COLOR. IE: Solid black, solid white, etc.)

> Tokushi Fnuff

> KZK Fox (or) Avenity Fox

> Freebie Curious Uchi (Cat) (If going to use bare feet)


1) Take the Moufette head, eyes, and skin and place them in a folder. 2) Take the Fnuff ears and place them in the same folder. 3) Take the Fox head and put it in the folder. 4) Place the Moufette head and the Fox head on the ground. De-link the Moufette nose and delete said nose. De-link the Fox nose and delete the Fox head. Move the Fox nose to where the Moufette nose used to be. Link and rename the Moufette head to "Squib Head". 5) Upon wearing the "Squib Head", attach the Fnuff ears and resize them to be much smaller. This may require you to remove some prims from the original ears, and you will be required to recolor the ears to match your Squib's face texture. Use the Squib images from Wookieepedia for an idea of what size to make the ears. 6) Now create a body shape in your Squib folder and try to make your Squib's body no more than 5' (five feet) tall. In canon, Squibs are supposed to be no more than 1 meter tall, though Second Life's limitations with avatar heights makes this impossible. Especially if you don't want your Squib to look anorexic. 7) Wear the Moufette skin, along with everything else, and your avatar is complete. Now just add clothing.

(Remember to delete the Fox avatar head from your inventory so you don't accidentally wear that too).

(If you want to use bare feet, just recolor the Uchi feet to match your Squib's face texture).

(Recolor the Squib eyes to be either Red, Blue, Yellow, or Brown. These are the canon colors and should not be altered unless you're shooting for your avatar to be unacceptable in Elitist sims).

Wookieepedia Squib Reference Page:


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