There are two schools of thought regarding rakian spice psychosis. One is that certain synaptic binding chemicals in the thalamus and amygdala have been altered, leading to a loss of reality-based time sense and the creation of false memory syndrome.

The minority school of thought is that continuous exposure to visionary hallucinations of the future, or possible futures, compromise an individual's ability to make appropriate reality based decisions within normal time-line progression, also known as the "Voided Reality-Potential" syndrome.

A medical interview with an individual, known only as "Subject X," helps illustrate the symptoms of rakian spice psychosis:

Doctor K: I can assure you, you have never been here before- today is the first time we've met.

Subject X: No, what I meant was, several years ago, I saw myself sitting here, talking to you, after taking rakian spice...I know I did...

Doctor K: First, does that even seem logical to you? How can you be certain this is not a false memory, triggered by certain chemicals in the spice and your own wishful thinking that you possessed certain "magical powers?"

Subject X: Because...because...because I don't feel like I'm really here right now, I feel...I feel like I am actually in the past, hallucinating that I am in the future.

Doctor K: Well, I can assure you that I am not a hallucination. I'm perfectly real and sitting right here.

Subject: Yes- perhaps you are, but this conversation hasn't happened yet, I'm really in the past right now, I mean...I'm here, and you''re the one in the future, but I'm hallucinating this meeting with you in the future.

Doctor K: Well, at least we are getting somewhere, you admit now that you are experiencing a hallucination.

Subject X: But in this case, the hallucination is real.

Doctor K: Come, come. How does THAT sound? "The hallucination is real?" Isn't the very nature of a hallucination mean that it is not real?

Subject X: Not where I am, in the past, for I know very well that unless I take steps to avoid you, I really will have this conversation in the future.

Doctor K: If you can avoid this conversation, then it isn't real, is it? Then it's just a hallucination, isn't that right?

Subject X: Yes, yes, I know it's a hallucination in the past, that...that I'm sitting in the meditation room on Ruusan right at this very moment, hallucinating that I'm having conversation in the future, on Coruscant, but it doesn't mean it isn't real, or...possibly...real...

Doctor K: No, we're really on Coruscant right now.

Subject X: But I'm on Ruusan right now- you will be on Coruscant in the future.

Doctor K: So you are not willing to admit that this conversation is entirely hallucinatory?

Subject X: No, I am not.

Based on his unwillingness and inability to admit that the interview was indeed a hallucinatory experience, Doctor K was forced to diagnose the patient as suffering from an advanced form of rakian spice psychosis, and prescribe the usual treatments.

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