Ralltiir is a planet from the Star Wars universe.

On Second Life, a sim featured Ralltiir, as head quarter of the Black Sun (second quarter 2008). Originally was taken down shortly after being created, due to the owner leaving swrp, recently being rebirthed.

Ralltiir's importance dimished under the heavy hand of the central Imperium. However, with the Empire increasingly distracted, the Black Sun's traders and financiers began to consolidate power there, once more extracting Ralltiir's independence.

History Edit

(Beginning in SWRP era)

Criminal InceptionEdit

Ralltiir was under the hand of the Empire, however it was not considered a point of contest, and the Empire did not focus on it, and the Black Sun easilly infiltrated the planet's political structure. Traitors to the council of regents allowed Cayce Urriah to take the role High Regent and then separate the council, titling herself Queen.

The Black Sun: Walkers in Darkness quickly took the financial center of the capital, funding the syndicate into future eras.

Idle PeriodEdit

However, Cayce was called off into unknown regions, and disapeared, throwing the planet into chaos, creating a depression in the financial sector of the planet. With the loss of their Queen, the Black Sun left the planet, leaving only one of their Admirals to act as Regent in Cayce's place.

Port NovaEdit

Upon Cayce's return six months later, Ralltiir had it's queen back, and the financial sector had rebuilt itself. Rather than using the capital city as her primary office again, the Black Sun purchased an island estate, Port Novala, renaming it simply 'Port Nova'. A number of private highrises with residential property and penthouse suites for the higher class when they come to visit. A large office building was created for the Black Sun's main headquarters, and a garden for peaceful meetings and trading.

Unfortunately, due to the changing finances on Ralltiir, and due to an uprising of anti-criminal idealists, it became impossible to sort through the financial wreckage, and Port Nova was scrapped, the land sold off to hotel developers.

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