Entry 1: ((3/1/2010))Edit

-A voice fades in- "I have decided to take on a task, which could benefit many. Little is known of the formation of the Armada, which makes it even harder to understand. I've decided to start from current day, and progress backwards. I will be able to elaborate more later, but for now I must depart for Eriadu.. The ECB seems to be in need of assistance." -The voice fades out-

((Rannik's writings on the Armada have been moved to here))

Entry 2: ((3/2/2010))Edit

-A voice fades in- "The events on Eriadu yesterday left me with suspicions towards the ECB. They say they're helping others, by dealing with the Tetan Empire, but I do not know if that's where their true loyalties lye. The mass of Marauders there was shocking, and is a growing sign of the Armada's numbers. With the worsening conditions on Coruscant, one would think the Armada is close to its end, or at least hope." -The voice fades out-

Entry 3: ((3/30/2010))Edit

"The Imperia has me leading constant raids, but these raids are different. The Imperia is being stealthy, and more coordinated than ever. And now, listening to the officers, I'm beginning to wonder exactly who we're attacking here. This empire is going down a dark path, and far quicker than I could had imagined. So now, the question is... how long will they keep me around?" -The voice fades out-

Entry 4: ((4/1/2010))Edit

"Things have gotten quiet lately.. Either The Imperia has ran out of targets, or they're waiting for something. And on top of that, I'm finding it hard to think amongst all this confusion. Sehkmet has contacted me, and it would appear as if she needs me on Dantooine.. I could definitely use a break from all of this.. I'll be leaving first thing tomorrow.

Entry 5: ((5/5/2010))Edit

"The Imperia's just been confirming my beliefs. Eriadu's been placed under their jurisdiction. They promise prosperity, peace, security... How can some people be so blind? I know the truth behind this, who -really- attacked the Captain, and the truth can't stay hidden for long.."

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