Raze was the gatekeeper* of King Adas’s holocron—it was the original Sith holocron, made by King Adas himself around 27,000 BBY. Adas was a warlord of the Sith species who lived circa 28,000 BBY, long before the exiled Dark Jedi of the Hundred Year Darkness conquered his species. He used his knowledge of the dark side of the Force to conquer and subjugate his homeworld, which he ruled as king. Around 4,010 BBY, his Sith holocron was uncovered by Queen Amanoa of Onderon, who learned all the stored secrets. The holocron was then passed to her apprentice Novar to teach Sith initiates. The Gatekeeper of Adas's holocron, however, had a unique personality that it could turn down the user's request or even threaten its user.

The Jedi hid Adas's holocron on the planet Kodai. It was later taken to the Jedi Temple by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in 29 BBY along with Adas’s crypt.

King Adas's holocron eventually found its way into House Pelagia's holocron library and subsequently liberated by Sir Nevil Tritum of the Mecrosa Order during the Great Jedi Purge. Following the Battle of Endor the order gave the holocron to Lumiya.

After Luke Skywalker killed Lumiya he brought the holocron back to Coruscant and hit it and the crypt within the catacombs beneath the Jedi Temple.

It is thought to be that after many years the artificial intelligence contained within certain holocrons forms a bond with the force essence of its creator.

It is strongly advised that this area of the catacombs stays hidden. Master Skywalker sensed great power and danger in uniting the two artifacts, yet the force power housed within the Jedi Temple would be enough to keep those powers at bay. He knew that these two items in the wrong hands would surely bring about another Age of Darkness.

  • Gatekeeper was the term used for the artificial intelligence that grants a user access to the information within a Holocron. The Gatekeeper was usually based upon the creator of the Holocron. Sith Holocrons Gatekeepers were sometimes the conciousness of the sith that created it.