The Red Fury pirates was one of many pirate groups operating out of the Cularin system asteroid belt. They were one of the most powerful of such groups. Near-constant infighting and assassinations prevented the group from growing, or successfully absorbing other groups.

The current incarnation of the Red Furies is composed almost entirely of Sith Pirates, led by Lord Solarion.

The Red Fury have launched a series of successful raids, burning a trail of glory across the galaxy. Planets hit by the Red Fury include Kashyyyk, Ruusan, Mon Calamari and far off Bakura.

Recently the Red Fury have helped form The Dark Trade Federation group and have added the galactic south to their area of operations.

The Historian of Ossus writes:

The Red Fury were most active during the time of Klugga the Hutt.  By the time of the fall of the Imperial Republic, their fury had largely burned out.

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