The following is an unbiased description of Reecko's Gas and Fuels:

Reecko is an unscrupulous toydarian who has lied, cheated and conned his way into possession of a small fuel tanker fleet and access to several different types of hyper-drive fuel. Reecko helps run the fuel services side of the fuel depot on Ord Mantell and runs several fuel, refueling systems, spare part and junk shops in several parts of the galaxy.

Most of Reecko's fuel supplies are sub-standard and possibly contaminated. Further, Reecko has no scruples regarding who he sells to, seeking contracts with Imperials and rebels alike.

Better deals for shipping fuel of better quality are to be found with the spice fleet of Captain Tesserian. Not only will you get a better price, but you will not have to risk having your ship blow to smithereens upon engaging your hyperdrive.

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