Rellex CaeranEdit

Daqueth Koskinen "Use the Force Rellex, you can do it!"

Rellex Caeran "no one has ever used the Force without training, n'n'ot even Master Skywalker"

Daqueth Koskinen "Of course people have Rellex. They are called Force adepts. I know you're force sensitive Rellex, I felt it."

Overview Edit

Rellex Caeran was a Christosphian/Diathim, giving him a tanned glow, though his striking eyes were believed to be a genetic mutation by scientists. Rellex Caeran was born and raised on New Holstice, though he made frequent trips to Ossus, as to satisfy his intellectual needs.

Biography Edit

OOC: Rellex Caeran's story is a summarization of major events that have passed while I, the roleplayer, have played him. All stories are more or less true, though all OOC has been shaved, so that only the character's story may be read.

Childhood Edit

As a child, Rellex Caeran only remembers New Holstice. Rellex never had father, nor mother, he was solely raised by the holocrons within the Jedi tomb. Rellex has always had an insatiable appetite for reading, he based his existence, and morale codes off of the writings, specifically those of Jedi Master Marcus Moreau. Rellex had always dreamt of being a Jedi, though the temple in which he lived was ancient, only food packs and off-world travelers would supply him with his life style.

At the age of 10, Rellex finally left his tomb, to travel to the great library of Ossus, which from his readings, he believed to be the most pupulated location of learning in the galaxy. To Rellex's dismay, when he arrived, the planet was completely devoid of inhabitants, aside from native Ysannan's. Though Rellex shed this aside,and brought literature back to New Holstice.

One story Rellex remembers, clearer than any memory of his life, was his trip back to New Holstice for the first time, he walked into the small gazeebo-like structure, which held the secret path back to his mind clearing domain. In front of Rellex, was a Rodian, sitting in front of the temple entrance's table, which held a simple cubed Holocron. This Holocron asked a riddle, the same one, and only if you answered it, could you enter the Jedi tombs. Rellex approached the Rodian with caution, feeling the coarse cloud, infecting the air aroud him with darkness. The Rodian was a Sith, by the name of Saint Talon. He could not answer the holocron's riddle, but to Rellex's dismay, neither could he. The two waited, attempting to answer the riddle, hearing it many times.

"The will of the Force is?..."
"The will of the Force is?..."
"The will of the Force is?..."

For two days, the two attempted to answer the riddle, though Rellex maintained his calm, exercising meditational techniques he had read, and been lectured on. The Sith however, lost his inner peace, and thrashed out, sending a furious red beam of lightning at the holocron. Rellex, numb with fear, watched as the flaming lightning was consumed by the holocron, and then immediately vomited back at the Rodian, disintegrating him. Rellex then realized the answer, and would keep it with him for the rest of his life.

Coming of Age Edit

When Rellex was 19, he traveled to Ossus, nearly having completed the entire library, a magnificent feat, achieved only by the greatest Jedi Scholars, though he did not know this at the time. When Rellex landed, he saw fire, smelled the stench of death, and stepped over the bodies of dead Yssannan's. Rellex looked around, seeing the great library destroyed, in ruins. Rellex then looked across the waterway, seeing a Miraluka Jedi, resting on a wooden patio, surrounded by a destroyed building. Rellex then ran up to the man, attempting to hide his anger, wanting to blame the Jedi for the destruction, thought the extensive lessons he had lived through shackled his mouth. After a precarious conversation, Rellex realized that the legends of the Sith were reality, and that they had destroyed the temple, he had then determined his life goal, to stop the endless destruction, and spead the wealth of knowledge throughout the galaxy.

Path of The Force Edit

After Rellex's exposure to the destruction he encountered at Ossus, he decided to follow the Miralukan Jedi Knight, though Rellex would remember him always as Master Koskinen. Rellex went to Talus, though there were three Initiates to every Padawan, Knight, and Master combined. Rellex was placed on a waiting list, his Midi-chlorian count to be tested nearly a year from when he enrolled. Rellex became dreary and bored within his short, three month stay, not able to sleep, yet lacking the energy to carry out his thirst for knowledge, Rellex was in a predicament.

Rellex would spend days on end staring at the stars without food or sleep, already having read the complete Talus Archive. One night, Rellex was particularly saddened, staring at the stars, as he had done for years. Though the view was spectacular, and Rellex could name every planet revolving around the stars, Rellex felt that his knowledge would platue, never gaining real life experience. That night, staring at the stars, every Jedi had gone to sleep, but Rellex, kept staring, but then, to his dismay a star vanished. Rellex knew the life time of the stars, and he knew that the star went out unnaturally. Rellex put it on himself, the millions of people that died, because he had not become a jedi, or worked to help he lives of others, as he felt was his duty. Rellex left the academy the next morning, never to return to Talus again.

Onderon Royal Guard Edit

Having left the force, Rellex severely doubted his force sensitivity, though in the back of his mind, it would remain a fantasy. Rellex felt shackled on Onderon, the air less pure than that of Ossus, New Holstice, or Talus. Rellex became a Royal guard, he hated it, but he felt he was in eternal debt, and had to find a way to do good in the galaxy. Every time Rellex closed his eyes, he saw the vanishing star, this kept him at an unstable state for a long time.