Cpt. Kaas Kristan (dahlia.moonshadow) stepped into the library? she lost track of how many rooms actually resembled such in the Palace of Salis D'aar. Behind her was Cale whom she assumed had calmed down from the events of the ship and finally accepted her assistance? perhaps not that was for him to decide but he is running out of time. she made her way down the long open domain aware of the meeting location and her most trusted of guards...and her Queen. she spoke boldly as they made way but tried to keep a quiet tone to avoid echo. " Cale remember now. this is for the betterment of your future. Try to show some grace when you address your mother. eh? "

Cale Kristan-Seda's eyes went over the walls of the Library, he hadn't been here in years, his icy orbs positioned themselves upon a certain corner, where the events of his attack on Caesar occurred. He'd let a short sigh out and move forward, expecting Kaas to follow. " Yeah, I'll do my best. Whatever. " He'd utter, almost under his breath and at a top speed as they ascended further into the room.

Cpt. Kaas Kristan (dahlia.moonshadow) would step forward and kneel as the usual greeting would begin. She spoke aloud for the entire room to hear as she addressed the queen her goggles still filled with emptiness as she looked up to the current court. " My Queen. Lady Talia I come with greetings from the otter sectors and as promised returned with Cale whom I leave in custody of the Royal Court for trial and determination of his crimes. " she'd stand at attention next to Cale royal attire freshly cleaned for the event as she meticulously tried to maintain it for such. " I stand as his defendant though on this trial. " looking to Cale to assure him of her promise

 Talia Kristan-Seda Would watch as the pair made their way through the Throne room. A slight smirk would come across her face as she saw her Cousin. "Ah, Kaas." She said softly to herself. As her age-ing eyes focused on Cale, her face would simultaneously fall to a frown. "What is he doing here." She would say as if she was speaking to the guards. Her head would fall to a bow as she saw her cousin. "Kaas." She said as she would rise from sitting on throne. "It has been too long." She would gesture for her cousin to come closer to her. She would not even look directly at Cale. The thought sickened her to the core. "I see. But. As he is a Prince. There will be no trial. The deserter will have judgment passed by either myself. Or my small court." She said as she tried to maintain a smile.

Cale Kristan-Seda didn't seem all too happy about being back in the Palace, and not to mention in the presence of his mother, whom he hadn't seen in years. He looked fairly older, though still retained most of his boyish features. His hair color had changed, as he was forced to dye it after leaving Bakura, to avoid detection and he sort of stuck with it to avoid this specific situation. He didn't achieve eye contact with Talia, and like her, he dread it.

Cpt. Kaas Kristan (dahlia.moonshadow) had nodded and stepped around the table and to the queen's side where she would lean in,she had gone through her own changes over the many years from being captain of the royal guard to her service in Blade Squadron. she had become rather famous as a bounty hunter in many of the criminal underworlds but nevertheless even with new scars and a new haircut she still retained the goggles given to her at her age of maturity. those cold lifeless goggles that protected her fragile Arkanian eyes from the bright lights. " What is it you wish to speak about Lady Talia? I did bring you him as I thought surely you still wished. by pure mistake I found him on Nal Hutta's moon in the lower cities. "

 Talia Kristan-Seda Would move her hand around her cousin's waist, and lean in to give her a cheek to cheek kiss. "It's been too long Kaas. Far too long if you ask me." She was still avoiding to have any contact with Cale at all. She knew she would absolutely erupt on her child. " I've heard you have gotten quite the name for yourself. Fighting those force imposter's." She said as she would swiftly and shortly direct her gaze in Cale's direction. Insinuating him. "Ah, well I was fine with him rotting where ever he was. But I will reward you for this valiant effort. It's time Cale spent some time in a Cell. And from there.." She said as she would pause for a moment. "From there... I have no idea." She said as she looked over to Cale. -FINALLY-. "Well, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Cale Kristan-Seda would watch as the two succumbed to formalities, and he'd glance back in the direction of the entrance, purposely rolling his oceanic orbs before glancing back in their direction as spoken to, finally glancing over at his mother himself, studying her for a moment with seeming disdain from being so close to her apparently. " Look, I ran off to be a Jedi. I know your opinion on the matter, but it was my personal choice, and you, as my mother, should, at the very least, respect it. I'm meant to mean something to you, but you have always respected Caesar far more than you have me. "

Cpt. Kaas Kristan (dahlia.moonshadow) returned to cheek to cheek formal greeting then gave an affirming nod to her statement before placing a taloned hand softly on Talia's shoulder, " With all the respect of the monarchy my queen... " she'd hesitate not knowing the loyalties of the very guards who served with her back then and if they would attempt to become aggressive for her touching the queen...she continued " I would not see Cale in binds and sentenced to a cell. I brought him here more so to repent for the past and be reunited with his family." she looked to Cale as she spoke on, " Though he did commit atrocities and left and ended up a Jedi. he is still an heir to the seat of Bakura. and the Malice you have towards him should be lifted to support such a cause as mending the mistakes that regretfully happened those years ago. "

 Talia Kristan-Seda Would inflate her nostrils some as her so called child would state he was not treated equally. " Cale. You were created..." She said as she would stop herself from finishing that sentence. "You were brought into this world to be a protector of Bakura. It is your life and your duty." She said as she tried to somewhat calm herself. "Cale Kristan-Seda. You were punished for all the crimes and dishonesty that you brought to the Monarch. Growing up with your other siblings on Bothawui, you had everything you could ever ask for. Even when Bothawui was under red alert you were moved to the Republic Captial for safe keeping." She said as she exhaled quite deeply. "Even when I was thought to be dead in the bombing of Rhan'Starn were you taken care of. My influence floats a long way from the shores you should call home." She said as her gaze would switch to Kaas. It would soften slightly. " I appreciate what you are trying to do cousin. But no blood of mine maliciously stabs his brother and Heir to the Monarch. The last time I saw him was almost his last. He is lucky Darth Nessa was around to save him. Yet again." She said as her gaze would darken as she glared back to Cale. "I understand you may have given him your word. But it all comes down to the attempted murder of a Governing Heir. And the deceptive nature of his departure."

Cale Kristan-Seda would let a monumental sigh out, his features wrinkled by a frown. " You know why I did that. " He'd utter simply, raising his voice as he went along. " I wasn't well, I was on..things. I'm not saying that's an excuse but surely it counts,  I would never do anything of the sort now, and I became a Jedi for that precise reason, to repent for what I've done and commit my self to a life of helping others, not killing them. " He would say, slightly nervous due to the exchange between the two. Did he confide himself to jail-time by losing that battle he had with Kaas?

Cpt. Kaas Kristan (dahlia.moonshadow) had not foreseen confronting Cale to condemning him in such a manner but she was in no place to be helping him further short of high treason so she bit her tongue and changed directions in the conversation as she spoke quite more boldly, " And if Cale were in fact to be imprisoned. What manner of conditions would he find while barred? in the dank cells? sent to work in the mines like the real convicts? or perhaps he should be slapped on the wrist and sent to his room to be rehabilitated? " she grew more frantic with her words as she sped up, " I have slain many corrupt Jedi in my time. but he fought only to defend himself when I attempted to capture him. I believe him to be of sane mind and infact if I do speak against my own teachings. A better man for taking said path as a Jedi to coup for his crimes. " She was a cruel dictator but never would Kaas cast such malevolent judgment on her own Son...if she had one. remembering the dark process that made Cale she grew quiet and awaited her queen's rebuttal.

 Talia Kristan-Seda Would clench her left palm in her right. If focused, you could see the ammount of pressure she was putting upon it. "I see." She said as her teeth were some what gritted. "Give you some lee-way is what you're asking." She said as she would turn to the Palace table and slam her closed palm onto it. "Are you kidding me Cale? You have been given everything you could ever want in this Universe. You were able to go anywhere with your guards. But instead. Whilst I was doing relief work and trapped under buildings. You were spending my money for a cheap thrill. The money of the Bakuran people as well." She said as her she turned to Kaas as she spoke. "I like the proposed dear Cousin. I feel if he were to go to his room he would just vanish with more money. His power has gone within my family. He is nothing but a common sod. He is to be stripped of title and any inheritance. I had been soft in not doing this before hand. His betrayal of not only his older and dedicated brother. But to that of the Planet. You have a very poor outlook on what you have done my son. You have not only inflicted physical injured on your family. But put strain on our effort and control of Bakura. If we can not control our own Monarch, how are we supposed to control that of a whole system? If I were to let you go on charges of high treason, what does that say for my ability to run Bakura? Or anything for a matter of fact." She said as she would try calm herself. The last time Cale made her this mad her Throne got broken..... She kind of likes her new one. It wouldn't be so easy to fling across the room at him. " Jedi are corrupt." She said as if she were quoting Kaas."You know my teachings. You know I left the order. You know I would have trained you in the ways of the force. For you to even think about joining that religion is beyond me. Have you forgotten the religion of your own people?" She said in a semi sarcastic manner.

Cale Kristan-Seda didn't retaliate or, in any way, defend himself further. What was done was done, and he no longer believed in regretting that further than he has already, he spent long lost nights obsessing over the past, and now when he finally learned how to live a normal, productive life jail threatened him and his eventual future. " It wasn't that cheap. " He'd utter under his breath at a top speed, sincerely hoping she didn't hear that. " Dedicated? " He couldn't help but chuckle at that, and took several steps to the side of the table, walking up to the opposite side to theirs. " When I was sixteen, he ran off to kriff knows where, seducing Tetans and alike. He is not fit for King, you know he isn't." He'd say at a slightly higher tone. " That being said, I am truly sorry, I should have never hurt him in any way, either physically or mentally, but what has happened has happened. The incident didn't get far, I'm sure we can cover it's tracks for the purposes of your reputation keeping it's cleanliness retained. "

Cpt. Kaas Kristan (dahlia.moonshadow) would place her hand on the queen's stomach and step forward defensively as Cale approached. it was her baser instinct to protect her cousin even after all these years almost imprinted in her mind like breathing. She spoke in a manner that seemed almost aggressive. " This monarchy will not be built on such vile disputes. If Cale is to be stripped of his royal bonds and his inheritance and all that which followed his title be removed. Then I say cast the judgment and be done with it. " she'd say stepping forward towards Cale's side of the table, " If the people were to see this the talk would surely be crippling. and what of you Cale what if your Jedi order knew you were so compromised in emotion? nobody needs this negativity to continue! "

 Talia Kristan-Seda Would viciously watch has her 'perfectly created' son walked around the room, throwing insults towards his siblings across the table. "Excuse me Cale. You and I both know that they were malicious lies. I even had his room recordings from the previous month viewed. To prove to everyone that the future King does what he is told when he is told. Unlike Caesar. He respects what his mother has given and fought for. So do your sisters." She said as would pull down her rising dress. She always looked her best in public. It was very uncommon for her not to be wearing the Monarchs Siegel. Especially in a meeting such as this. " You claim to be sorry. But my son. If you were truly sorry. You would have come home by yourself. Not have your second cousin take time out of her busy schedule,ridding this Galaxy of corrupt Jedi. You are far from sorry my son. Do not throw such malcontent lies at me. I can see through you. I could always see through you. You are as clear as the spice you took. And as dull. as for your companions. Tell me Cale. Is he not fit to be King because he rejected your attention cries?" She said with a firm expression on her face. "How did my archives get broken again?" She said with a raised tone. Her hands would slide over Kaas's as she gently moved her aside. She knew all too well what she was doing. She didn't make captain of the guard for nothing. "True dear cousin. I do also feel we should stop procrastinating and settle this here. Cale Kristan-Seda. What action or notification are you to pass by me, think wisely. Your future is at stake here. There will be no returning to the Jedi from this point." She said as she would give some sharp looks to her Bothan guard.

Cale Kristan-Seda would nod his head, leaving the incident in the past. It was of no concern to him anyway, he had no power over his brother and didn't wish to either, in fact he didn't want anything to do with him but would attempt to behave in an acceptable manner for the sake of avoiding his well-mannered self be questioned. " I have been on Nar Shaddaa for nearly two standard years now, I have seen many of my allies be killed, enslaved or tortured by my cousin's associates and comrades. I have been in several near-death situations and have even been condemned to torture by the infamous Darth Chaos. I've survived all that, and given my best, which at time exceeded what I had to give, for the people. To protect them, I have helped numerous and have the intention to continue to do so. You are right to accuse me of these things, but you fail to see what I have done in my absence, it was a long time ago and I do not believe my behavior should be judged all the way from there, as I can assure you it has changed drastically.

Cpt. Kaas Kristan (dahlia.moonshadow) would have rested her left hand on her hilt as she was on edge even as the matter came to a closing few statements. she remained quiet for the time being though having nothing to add further even against her better judgment of pointing out his 'comrades' had been convicted of breaking Jedi ways or bending them like many Jedi were in fact corrupt and far more a threat then the Sith to a reforming republic. thus she returned to an attentive stance and awaited the queen to pass her final judgment on Cale. whether it be Good, Or Bad.

 Talia Kristan-Seda Would chuckle quite loudly as she waited for Cale to finish his presentment. "You have got yourself in quite the predicament haven't you my beloved son. Haven't you?" She said expecting him to lower himself to admit so. "You claim to save lives. And yet you have not been near the planet you were born to protect? The people who show you the admission you deserve." She said as she would look to Kaas. So you have attacked Kaas' soldiers? I mean... You did say that your own comrades had been captured  and or killed by them?" She said that as she would let out a few 'tut's. "See. Now you have admitted that either yourself or your new family kill Monarch allied factions?" She said as her sky blue orbs pierced into her sons. " I see." She said as she watched Kaas' hand glide to her hilt. "I have come to my conclusion." She said with a rather vicious smile. "Dear cousin. I have some revenge for your troopers." She said as she would walk around the table and be an arms length from Cale." Use that saber in your grip...." She said as she would pause and look over Cale." Use that saber to mark Cale with the emblem of the Monarch. For is he ever loses his place again. The scar should remind him." She said as she drew a large circle with her finger on his chest. "Right here will do. After he is branded. Send him to his room. And have guards monitor him when he sleep, wakes and shits." She said as she would slowly walk back to Kaas's side.

Cale Kristan-Seda bit his lower lip as his heart missed a beat, the suspense was way too high for him to calm down. " Sihivus Verne's forced! A /known/ criminal and sadist that's clearly not right in the head, she has also been recently arrested by the Hutts, I believe I was preserving the peace by doing so, and if you are friends with her and aware of her perversions at the same time then you truly should reconsider. " He'd say, again at a top speed due to his nervous nature. As she spoke of his apparently future scar he'd shudder, and frown, there was no sign of his usual smile. " No, that's illegal. " He took a step back immediately, he had endured enough pain for a lifetime and the condition of his face alone was proof enough!

Cpt. Kaas Kristan (dahlia.moonshadow) would grip her hilt and slide the blade slowly from its sleeve. the blade though recently damaged still had a shimmer to it as the Cortosis edging met the durasteel blade. though the blade was kept in a warm safe condition it would have been as cold as the wastes of Belsavis. the Sith markings etched so elegantly into the lower blade and hand guards would only deepen the impending fear of such a tool. Kaas was but an extension to this grim weapon and it was hers. no blade like it as she stepped forward like a drone to Cale. " I lost no men to the likes of Jedi but I have no qualm in saying the Jedi of his Order the few I had seen in combat...were far from Valiant...." she'd turn to her queen as she continued. " I draw this blade today not to spill blood. but to ensure blood will not be split over such things. I will not brand him...not here nor ever my queen. but I will offer this..." she'd set her sword to Cale's chest the tip nearly one with his shirt as she said in a dark manner, " If you return to the Jedi on Nar Shadda at any time. I will hunt you down without regret in my heart and vanquish you with the dogs you sleep with! "

 Talia Kristan-Seda Would have her back turned to Cale as he started shouting out his pleas. It would bring a slight tear to her eye. She herself did not know if it was out of sadness or satisfaction. "Silence." She said as she would turn back and pace towards Cale. "You understand who I am right?" She said as her eyes would glare into his. He would be able to feel her breath on his face. "Let me remind you." She said as her hand moved up to his face. She would attempt to grip his chin with her fingers and move his face to the side. Her lips would be only an inch away from his ear. "I am your mother. Creator. And the Queen of Bakura. I am the law. I can not break what I create." She said as her tight grip would let go. Her gaze broke from Cale and would as vicious as ever. "You're denying the request of your Queen and Cousin in her own home? He needs a reminder of who he is crossing dear one. If you won't do it. I will do it myself. Trust has been broken with him, don't let the same thing happen with you. I admire you very much cousin. I'd hate for our relationship to me diminished on such a little thing. It won't kill him." She said as her vision moved to the guard behind Kaas. "Bring me a blade." She said as she looked back to Kaas. "Metal will hurt far more then the blade of a saber." She said firmly.

Cale Kristan-Seda's eyes moved over to Kaas, whom he had forgotten about completely until that precise moment when she pointed her blade to his chest and left it dangerously close to Talia's previously inscribed target. " What do you mean? So am I or am I not allowed to return to my allies on Nar Shaddaa? Why must you be so cruel about it and make me choose between the two? You know my allegiance is always with my family but this is all wrong, you should not be condemning me to a life of regret, as I won't forgive my self for leaving the Liberation Alliance die. " He'd say, and as Talia broke further into his bubble of personal space he'd bite his lower lip, slightly disturbed by what she might do. " I am not denying anything, merely stating. " He'd utter quietly, his icy orbs moving in the direction of Kaas once more in an attempt to plead with a mere look as Talia moved to call in for a blade

Cpt. Kaas Kristan (dahlia.moonshadow) would let out a sigh as she turned from Cale only to swiftly drop low and be spun around on leg extended sweeping his mid shin region with the force of all her prosthetic might which would surely send him on his back where she would follow up with getting on the ground and using her razor sharp taloned fingers to rend cloth from skin to make way for the hungry blade in hand still. She was driven with loyalty like a dog of war she became hungry herself for the guilty pleasure of causing pain to yet another force user. blinded by her passion she had forgotten her mark was her second cousin! "Repent and be forgiven. never forget what you truly are! " hesitant only for mere seconds allowing Cale or Talia to chime in

 Talia Kristan-Seda Wouldn't have the slightest look of regret on her face as she walked away from Cale. "You leave me with no choice. I have one son sliced by his brother. And my other son wandering a planet our Monarch does not go to. To join a band of misfits. It will be done one way or another."She said as she walked behind Kaas to the guard who brought her a dagger. "I asked for a blade. But I guess this will do." She said as she would slowly run her finger against the sharp part of the dagger. The motion would leave a small slice mark along her finger. "Lucky for you, it has just been sharpened." She said as she would place the cut finger up to her mouth. She would slowly move her finger away from her mouth as she saw Kaas' actions. It would leave a slight smirk on her face. "See my son. My Cousin shows more loyalty in her little toe then you do in your entire body. 'Do what must be done. Show no mercy. Do not hesitate.'" She said said as she would simply drop the blade on the ground." My guards will see you are payed more then enough for your services. And make yourself at home dear Kaas. Take some men from the guard when you need. I am always at your service." She said as she motioned for Vourt to follow her. "I will be in the war room when I am needed." She said as she would make her way from the throne room.

Vourt Nodded and followed the Queen.

Cale Kristan-Seda's balance would be swept away by the prosthetics, he hit the floor and he hit it hard, emitting a loud pound as he did. As he was jumped onto he shuddered, but couldn't do anything about it regardless. He was a slim muthafucka, and didn't have the required strength to push Kaas off for a mount of time anyway. He didn't have the time or capacity to listen to what Talia had to say, and instead kept his attention upon Kaas, whom he dreaded heavily at that precise moment. The boy shut his eyes and awaited his punishment, expecting it to be more than painful.

Argyus Would move closer to the pair. "Here to assit when needed m'am."

Cpt. Kaas Kristan (dahlia.moonshadow) would have drawn back her blade high above them both as far as her arm could extend where blade would once more meet with skin as she would lift herself up and off him planting a leg on his gut where bruising was still present from her assault the previous engagement.. " I give you the gift of eternal service to the Throne with the mark of our Monarch!" as she said she'd cast into his flesh the first slice would be the easiest as the shock would prevent much pain but what came next was the most horrid of things as she slowly swept the blade in patterns that would have made skin crawl if not for removing it in the process. each slice would sever skin from muscle ensuring a deep and accurate cut. guided by her finely tuned hands forming the crest placed upon the hilt of the very blade used for such cruel punishment. " Let the blood stains of your brethren join with yours and become a reminder to all scum!" as she continued on!

Cale Kristan-Seda pursed his lips as she set foot on his severely bruised foot, but he wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of screams. " I will remember this, cousin, just know that. " He'd say ominously, not letting her know anything beyond that. He'd keep his eyes shut as she commenced with the deed. His hands would tighten into fists and plant themselves to the ground as he grit his teeth in an attempt to oppress the near excruciating pain he was experiencing.

Cpt. Kaas Kristan (dahlia.moonshadow) was not herself as she had let the locked up frustration of war loose on poor Cale. Even so she continued on silent with no expression looking down at her art with no remorse. The goggles did their job well as they reflected all that was happening back to the victim if they had looked upon her face and past that the ever so growing emptiness that would hope to consume her. But she stood fast as she began carving the inner seal much more intricate but faster as she swept curves with grace along his battered and bloody chest. when people thought of tattoos this is exactly the fear that set upon their mind!

Cale Kristan-Seda would lift his head upwards some and bang in backwards toward the metallic floor to take his attention off from the pain literally pulsating from his chest as she moved on to inscribe the inner seal. He whimpered uselessly. but didn't raise his tone too much. Again, he didn't want to give her the satisfaction

Cpt. Kaas Kristan (dahlia.moonshadow) would finish her masterpiece and step off of Cale. she would fling her sword every which way to remove blood before sheathing it and turning to the Guard, " Escort this one to their room with armed guards on watch nonstop. " she looked back to Cale now in recollection...she would mutter only a short. " Forgive ol' Kaas.." before making her leave. the corpse left in her wake a reminder of what she fought for...she had truly needed time to reflect and repent herself.

Cale Kristan-Seda was sweating, and becoming increasingly pale. His chest area was spurting blood but he rose to a sitting position nonetheless, the Guard was probably going to have to carry him as he was in no condition to walk all the way up to his room. His eyes would shoot themselves in the direction of Kaas once more as she spoke in a mutter, and he just glared at her, remaining silent as he had nothing else to add.

Cpt. Kaas Kristan (dahlia.moonshadow) would walk away assuming the Guard could handle the rest..Kaas had business to attend to elsewhere such as jumping off a bridge. or the side of a cityscape... regardless she had some deep shit to think about!

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