The Revenant Armada Department of Labor and Concentration was founded by Captain Matt Xean, on the terms of effeiceny for the war effort. Prisoners would work in shipyards, weapon facilites and in exchange they would be given freedom. The first camp under the DoLC was Outpost 29.

Principals and IdealologyEdit

The Revenant DoLC was founded on the terms of hard work in exchange for freedom.

"Freedom, through determination, and work ethic."

is the motto the DoLC was founded upon and goes by currently. The camp(s) were also used as a mea

The insignia of DoLC

n of salvation. Taking bums and spice addicts off the streets and transforming them into hard workers and ultimately making them spendable tokens of galactic society.


The camp(s) themselves have went under alot of fire before the first downfall of the Armada. Whistles were blown over the humane conditions of the camp, along with several reports of gaurds abusing inmates of the camp, and inhumane experiments being conducted on the workers.

Our camps are to be held as places of determination, and work ethic. Our staff and gaurds are tasked with the duty of making sure it so. At no point in time are any of the staff or gaurds permitted to abuse any of the hardworking inmates of the camp, but to council them and to make sure their safety is held to the highest prioty.

-Major Xean commenting on behalf of the controlversial reports of abuse from the camps.


  • Outpost 29
  • Sector 11
  • Haus 4

Facilites are spread out on a numerous number of planets. Their location has never been disclosed to protect Armada resources and the inmates of the camp.

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