The Exarch Rhialto emerged as the political leader of New Tibannopolis, a cloud city in the Life Zone of the gas giant Bespin, as the Imperial Republic continued its decline. One of the more viable Successor States, New Tibannopolis brought stability and prosperity to the lower Hydian Exarchates.

Rhialto was initially hired by Casius Prieto as an engineer to help run the vast hyperdrive fuel and tibanna gas refineries in New Tibannopolis. Casius saved the old city of Tibannopolis, which had been long abandoned, from total ruin and began rebuilding it to modern standards. Rhialto then took over the construction and design of the city, and Casius began work on Kandosii Station in nearby space.

Already a master shipbuilder, Rhialto had proven himself as a good technical administrator on Raxus Prime. As he originally hailed from Taloraan, another tibanna-producing gas giant, New Tibannopolis was a natural match for Rhialto.