Rhodes was the given name (although interestingly no formal name was ever given) for a former home of the Jedi Order known as Jedi Master. It was based in the tropical Nick Rhodes sim (which led to Jedi Master having a nickname of the Beach Jedi!). An ultra-futuristic build rather than an ancient temple, it had some unique technological innovations which were groundbreaking for the time (including a one-way forcefield over the hangar entrance to allow ships out but not to allow them in unless they had security clearance and one of the first uses of temp-on-rezzors for the parked ships in the hangar) and was the work of Jedi Masters Darth Aridian for the build and Kokiri Saarinen for the scripting. Most of the current Masters of Jedi Guardians of the Peace were trained as Padawans at this location and it thus has a very important place in the history of this Order.

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