Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Ad'eta was born Rimony Jonathan Flyworth into a rich and snobbish family he was made to talk posh and to never go outside there mansion on Coruscant.He had it with his parents so he ran away to the streets. but when he stole from stores he was shipped to Kamino. that is where he learned to control himself by learning the ways of the mandalorian. He later fled to Mos Eisley

Teenage Years Edit

Ad'eta was adopted by two old mandalorians. at the age of 19 he met the young Alor of Tom'yc, Rek'il Manoe. the two started as best friend and later had a child under the name of Jon'ie Fly.

Adult years Edit

As an adult, Ad'eta had become an Alor'ad of Tom'yc and their son had turned 11. Rek'il and Rim later got engaged. After a few years married Rim and Reki'l were attacked by Tuskens Raiders; Ad'eta was sent into a coma and Rek'il was killed.

The Bal-Wom Edit

Ad'eta's Ship The Bal-Wom is a Caine cruiser and Portable home which he uses when searching for a Bounty

The Bal-Wom Edit

The Bal-Wom (Bom for short) Is a small customised Caine ship, it has a cloaking device and a compact hyperdrive. The ship originally belonged to a merchant called Aziel Merka, the merchant used the ship to transport wares to his shop. Wares included blasters, clothes, armor, etc. The Bom has been proven to be fast enough to outrun imperial fighters and cruisers

Post Coma Edit

Things had changed when he awoke from his coma, he found out that Rek'il was dead, his son was missing,his best friend was even shorter and that he had 2 robotic replacements. after about 5 months of getting used and ready for the planet that forgot him he found his son, now called Aaray and working for Basedii. He joined Basedii as a mercenary so he could work with his son and see how he's progressed. He was made leader of Tom'yc when he was told about Rek'il.

Later years and DeathEdit

After retiring from mercenary work at the age of 67, Rim (Now living under the name D'uzli) hung up his weapons and locked his armour away to keep it secure for the next owner. He settled down as a moisture farmer on Tatooine shortly after with a woman named Mary Ley. Though the two were not in a relationship, both had very strong feelings for the other.

Rim's active lifestyle from his early years had caught up with him as he grew older and his health deteriorated, and on the 27th March, he passed away in his sleep at the age of 93.

His body was incased next to his Wife and son's bodies in the family crypt, completing the three set's of armour belonging to his family.