RoXii is a DRK-1 Dark Eye probe droid (or Sith Probe droid), that is owned by Voreese, RoXii was first given to Voreese by her Sith Lord Master when he realized she had a high talent for fixing droids and computer programming skills. After Voreese left the Sith, she took RoXii with her and reprogrammed her to be useful to the Jedi instead of the Sith. RoXii has a number of different functions, one of which is allowing RoXii to send security feeds to Voreese's cybernetic implants or to various monitors and computers. RoXii is also built in with three other lenses, holographic projector, camera, a working blaster cannon, grenade launcher, stun gun, dart gun, shields, scanners, and can travel with speeds up to 250 mph. Apart from RoXii's internal and external functions, Voreese can change the color of RoXii's lens or body at any time she wants; so far RoXii's current color is black with a cyan lens, which will soon be changing to yellow once Voreese is knighted as a Jedi Sentinel.

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