Henry Jones Junior, AKA Hank Jones, was born Robert 'Bob' Falfa to the human space pirate captain Harrison Falfa. He was later adopted by Henry Jones, an Iskalonian Jedi working with the Wardens of Iskalon, after a fight with the Wardens left Robert an orphan. Bob Falfa was referred to at a young age as 'Junior' by most of the council at the time, and the name stuck causing him to informally change his name to match his adopted fathers'. He went on to become a padawan in the Wardens, studying under Tae Slipstream, a Corellian Jedi, and eventually became a Knight. When constant warfare and poverty caused the Wardens of Iskalon to retreat to the planet's depths, Henry made his way to the Jedi Order on Coruscant in an attempt to continue his life's work in service to those in need. Currently Henry holds the title of Jedi Ally in the Order.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Henry Jones Junior was born Robert Falfa to the space pirate captain Harrison Falfa aboard the pirate frigate Orpheon in low orbit over Corellia. His mother died giving birth, and his father vowed to find a big enough score to retire so that he could raise the boy properly.

After three years of planning and careful recruitment, Harrison secured a job working for the Hutt Cartels where he would go to the Iskalon system, capture as many aquatic species as he could manage, and make his way back to sell them to the Hutts for underwater slave labor and as more exotic 'pets' for the Hutts. Little did he know, however, that the planet Iskalon was under the protection of an order of Jedi known as the Wardens of Iskalon, who took to space in order to combat the incoming pirate vessel.

The combat was fierce, and a small number of Jedi fell in the fighting, but they were able to board the Orpheon and disable key systems. Enraged at the potential loss, Harrison piloted the ship into a steeply decaying orbit, intending to crash it and take the lives of all the Jedi on board. The Council Master in charge of the detachment, Henry Jones, was able to force his way into the helm of the ship and stop the frigate from crashing, but ended up killing Falfa in the process, orphaning young Robert. The remaining crew was captured and traded off to the Republic, and Master Jones decided to adopt the young child as his own to atone for the death of his father.

The Wardens of Iskalon Edit

Wardens of Iskalon

The Symbol of the Wardens of Iskalon

Part of what had made Captain Falfa a dangerous foe was his connection to the Force. While untrained, it enabled him a bit of insight and luck not enjoyed by the average pirate, enabling him to prosper. he passed this force sensitivity on to his son, and Henry Jones decided that the best way to raise him to use this power was to place him in the Order, as any child would have been.

Robert's early years in the Jedi as a youngling proved fruitful for him, and he showed an early keenness for the saber arts, though he lacked much control over the Force in any overt way. By the time he was able to be selected as a Padawan, he'd become quite a saber prodigy, placing well and occasionally winning the youngling saber tournaments held semi-annually in the temple. He was taken on by Knight Tae Slipstream, who was considered to be an excellent match for him due to her adroit control over overt force techniques, especially telekinetic abilities.

Tae was only three years older than him when she took him in, but her mastery of the Force had enabled her to ascend to Knighthood much more rapidly than some Padawans, and Henry Junior was her first Padawan. She bestowed the nickname 'Hank' on him, and trained him to use force techniques that worked within his body, rather than without, as his main issue wasn't really power, but rather range at which he could project his will. Henry learned quickly when the focus was on skills that did not require overt projection of will, and soon amassed a small arsenal of tricks and techniques he could pull of with varied success.

During the time that she trained him, Hank became infatuated with Tae, harboring a secret crush on her through his years as a Padawan to her, nurtured by her good looks and kind spirit. He devoted himself to his studies, focusing on being able to demonstrate all the required skills and knowledge to become a Knight in the order, so that he might pursue the relationship. During this time, Tae trained him in single and dual saber techniques, focusing on non-standard practices and forcing him to learn several non-Jedi combat styles to supplement his Jedi training, such as the Wookiee Ryyk blades, fencing, and even a small amount of the short chopping motions used by the Mandalorians with their Besk'ade. While he was able to become a Knight at 18 years of age, Tae continued to hold him at arms' length, never appearing to return his affections.

Shortly after his Knight Trials and subsequent Knighting, a detachment of the Revenant Armada attacked the forest moon of Endor, and both Tae and Henry were dispatched to attempt to fight back the invasion. During the weeks of intense combat on Endor, Tae was captured by the Revenant and was to be executed publicly the next day. Henry made a daring attempt to rescue her, and while he was able to free her from her bonds and do battle at her side, she was killed. Her dying words to Henry were an apology for never telling him how she had felt, and when she fell Henry took her saber in hand, using it alongside his own in an agressive Jar'kai stance which would later be his trademark.

Warden Knight Edit

Henry Warden

Henry's Jedi garb

After the loss of Tae, Henry preferred to act either alone or with other Warden Knights who were similarly aloof, preferring professionalism and succinct speech to the polite and occasionally flowery speech patterns favored by some Jedi. He pursued the Jedi Guardian path, choosing assignments that put him on the frontlines of numerous combats, fighting the Revenant and other Sith organizations on every Jedi planet that was attacked, from Ruusan to Dantooine, as well as fighting against corruption and piracy in the seedier cities of Mos Entha, Nar Shadda, and even occasionally in the Tetans' capital city.

Around this time the Wardens saw a sharp decline in numbers, due to combat losses and a lack of Force sensitive children flowing into the temple, and a decisive blow was struck by the Imperial Remnant group, Empire in Exile. A raid was conducted against the Wardens' temple, killing most of the Masters of the Order and leaving only a handful of Knights, a single Padawan, and the Grand Master left alive. With their numbers so heavily thinned, Grand Master Finn decided to take the remaining Jedi capable of surviving the trip to the deepest depths of the watery planet, where they'd reform the order in secret and seclusion. Unfortunately this meant that Henry and a few other Knights could not follow, as they were unable to breathe underwater or survive such crushing pressure. These Knights scattered around the Galaxy, looking for new Orders to serve.

Coruscant Edit

With almost nowhere to turn to, Henry found himself drawn to the Jedi Order stationed on Coruscant at the heart of the Republic's power. His desire was to serve as many people as possible as a Jedi Guardian, and he felt the most populated world in the Galaxy was a fantastic place to start.

Henry applied to transfer his rank from the previous Order to the Coruscant Order, but due to the relatively unknown status of the Wardens to the Galaxy at large he was asked to wait until the Council could be certain of his intent before being granted his previous rank. In an attempt to gain approval, Henry helped out with numerous missions, repelling Space Pirates on an escort mission as a pilot, boarding a derelict ship to do battle with Sith and Battle Droids, and helping to repel Sith attacks on the Temple in the upper city.

During his wait to become a fully fledged Jedi again, disaster struck and the Sith Empire spread across the galaxy like a sudden plague, consuming system after system until they washed over Coruscant itself, destroying the Jedi temple and razing the upper city in order to place their new Palace. Henry remained with the Jedi as they moved into hiding, but tended to disagree with the policies of the Council, preferring a more active approach to defending the people.

Hologram Henry

Henry's Imperial Militia disguise

In this vein, he established a cover for himself using his birth name as a Bounty Hunter, since it was the only valid ID he had that the Republic had recognized, and worked to form a militia. The idea was to support the people while displaying that the Troopers of the Empire were not enough to do so alone, while simultaneously striking at the Empire in small ways, such as convincing their hired Bounty Hunters and Assassins that their Troopers were breaking protocol and must have their armor stripped.

After months of small-time operations of this manner, the Sith finally took note and sent assassins after Henry, but he was able to escape being killed and arranged to meet one of the Sith to state his intent. Using the guise that his purpose was to serve the people, he managed to speak only truth in his interview with the Sith while maintaining his secret agenda, and was hired on as an Imperial Stormtrooper, where he continues to work for the good of the people and against the Empire's interests.

Henry Trooper

Henry as a Trooper