Name: Robin Kira.
Age: 134. (Appears mid 30's)
Gender: Male.
Species: Near-Human: Lorrdian.
Home/Birthplanet: Lorrd.
Racial Skill: Kinetic Communication - Lorrdian communication.
Racial Skill: Master Mimic / Imitator.
Racial Skill: Mannerism Observation / Expertly Reads Body Language.
Mother: Ocean-Tei Kira. (Alive)
Father: Vailiaz Kira. (Alive)
Mother's Profession: Jedi Master.
Father’s Profession: Jedi Knight.
Personality: Observing, Polite and Calm.

Profession: Jedi.
Rank: Jedi Master.
Midi-chlorian count: 12,745
Master: Raukan Fenn (Deceased).
Master: Zero Upshaw.

Padawans Trained: 9.
Padawans Knighted: 4.
Padawans Mastered: 4.

Lightsaber: Single Saber / Dual Saber.
Lightsaber Crystals: Blue Force Crystal. Orange Lorrdian Gemstone.
Lightsaber Form Mastered: Sokan.
Lightsaber Form Favored: Shien / Djem So.


Born from his mother Ocean-Tei Kira and his father Vailiaz Kira. His birth took place within the Jedi Temple in Lorrd City on the planet Lorrd. At the age of two he was sent to the Jedi Academy for training.

Years passed and he proved himself skilled in the use of the Force. He studied diligently and followed the instructors words without argument. As he grew in age he was eventually approached by Master Raukan Fenn and placed under his tutelage.

The life of the Jedi came naturally to him and eventually he found that a choice was placed upon him. Raukan Fenn was killed in a skirmish between rival clans in the outer desert territory disputes on Lorrd. He mourned the passing of his master for one day then rejoiced that Master Fenn had returned to the Force. Due to galactic unrest many of the Jedi Orders began offering training elsewhere. So it came to be that he was granted the opportunity to complete his training on the moon of Yavin IV.

Upon arriving at Yavin IV he was approached by Master Zero Upshaw. And he began his training under this new Masters tutelage. He was an easy Padawan to deal with according to his new Master. He moved quickly up the ranks during his years training to become a Jedi Knight. He was an silent and thoughtful Padawan, more keen to listen and learn than to cause his Master any trouble by being too curious. Master Zero Upshaw taught him the Old Ways. And to use wisdom rather than brawn. Invaluable lessons such as truly understanding the connection to The Force Flow became a indestructible cornerstone for his own teachings later on in life.

The years passed quickly.

After having been promoted to Jedi Knight he traveled the galaxy, listening to the Will of the Force he let himself be guided to places where peace and justice were a rarity. He always found his way back to Yavin IV however and would silently rejoice every time his feet touched the soil of the Kalway Academy.

Years passed yet again and he eventually returned home to Yavin IV to stay. He never did seek the title Master, he simply wished to serve the Kalway Order in the ways most needed.

After a few years he would be offered the rank of Master and this time he accepted. It was at the ceremony of his old Padawan and now Jedi Knight Lady Jesma Pearl's knighting ceremony, that he came to accept the rank of Master.

Invited to  the KOJ Council and Jedi High Council. Robin Kira accepted.

He can now be seen walking the Kalway Academy grounds with harmony in his heart and peace in his mind. he follows the Will of the Force.


Clothed in fabrics ranging in brown and beige to white. And sometimes dressed in his medium armor not typical to traditional Jedi yet resembling the armors of ancient ones. The blue lights are there mainly to give a more trusting feel to an otherwise aggressive appearance. And to as well display his affiliation with the Jedi Order. The Kalway insignia rests upon his chest armor.

=Lorrdian Purification Breather=
He can sometimes be seen wearing a sleek breathing mask. This device helps him clean his lungs(*) and the breather also administers an bacta gas, when inhaled it replenishes and refreshes tissue as well as re-vitalizing the entire body. Much like the effects of a good nights sleep.

*Due to once having been exposed to a lethal amount of air-born Sith poison he needs this treatment sporadically when symptoms act up.
(No cure have been found for his condition yet.)

-=Utility Belt=-

Survival Rations.
Hush-98 Comlink
Fibercord Grappling Hook.
Grappling Spike Launcher.
A99 Aquata Breather.
Jedi Beacon Transceiver.
Lightsaber Repair Tools.


Diligent training all his life has left his body in peak physical fitness, Kira stands tall and carries himself with dignity and humble confidence. Being a Lorrdian male he has white hair from age, and exotic tanned skin. He has deep green eyes and sometimes sport a beard.

Dressed in traditional Jedi Robes, modest colors.

-=Sokan Mastery=-

"Master your surroundings, conquer your foe."

Decades of training with his lightsaber has made Robin Kira a formidable opponent. He applies his mastery of the Sokan discipline to utilize the environment to his advantage at every turn, be it to make his enemies lose sight of him, or to simply gain every possible advantage. But also to quickly and gracefully travel over any and all terrain, closing the distance expertly to advance towards his opponents with rarely matched ease and little to no effort. Utilizing his saber skills to swiftly and accurately strike towards vital areas with as little leathal outcome as possible, primarily meant to disarm or incapacitate, not kill.

-=RP Limits=-

(1.) Perma Death. (Only I get to decide when my character joins The Force.)

(2.) The Force Mindcontrol. (Jedi/Sith Mindtrick and Mental Invasion of any kind by means of The Force.)

(3.) Unprepared Abduction. (Whimsical captivity leaving me alone without RP.)


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