Childhood Edit

Ronet Korr was born in 180 ABY on Bakura. He lived with his parents and his brother who was three years older than him. His Father and Mother were both masters of organ replacements and passed the technique along to him. His family followed the religion of the Cosmic Balance. When he was the age he received the feather and stayed in his household and stayed as a part of Bakuran society and was given Zanazi funds for a more prestige education. After his education, he left his religion and began his journey to become a politician.

Early lifeEdit

At the start of his political career, Ronet started high and shot for a future as a senator, to gain the support of his fellow citizens, he started campaigns designed to hit key problems that were causing problems across Bakura. Issues such as weapons smuggling, spice dealing, and minor cases of slavery, were the primary focus of these campaigns. These strikes gained the attention of a underground spice dealer known as Frank. Seeing the up and coming senator as a threat, Frank hired a Mandalorian known only as "The Red Warrior" to assassinate Ronet during a public speech. The Red Warrior plans were foiled however by the recent and unexpected appearance of Clone Troopers of the long forgotten Grand Army of the Republic...

With help from the Grand Army of the Republic, Ronet was able to launch a propaganda campaign to which he would give high praise to Clone's for every action they took towards making Bakura a better and safer place. Under the command of Commander Yuri Fonzarelli and Commander Koukla Twilight, the Grand Army of the Republic was able to combat the problems of Bakura enough that the general population began to forget about them, and gave their full support to Ronet.

In the aftermath of the destruction of a major city on Bakura from a rogue Freedom-Class Star destroyer that was shot down, Ronet was able to gain more support for Grand Army of the Republic personal, which allowed them to spread their influence further and take their first steps back into the world of Galactic Conflict.

The GAR on BakuraEdit

With the Grand Army of the Republic on Bakura, it settled down the crime rates of Bakura. However with the GAR became wars from different enemies namely the Sith and Wamba the Hutt's loyal followers. The GAR declared Martial law on Bakura however Senator Ronet Korr fought over this with other members of the senate and urged the Galactic Republic to restore order to the Bakura Government. However around the time it was meant to be decided on there was a bombing of the Western Tunnel, The Embassy and the Cantina in Bakura. Ronet Korr declared a state of emergency when this happened and order a team to clear up the mess and restore something in that area. Since the bombing Ronet Korr has not been seen much. He later started to appear out more when he was re-running for office with his new team and ideals. Senator Ronet Korr took his second term in office, his team served him well and did as he asked, Bakura thrived as he leader it in the Senator and represanted it to the Grand Army of the Republic and other places. However towards the end of his term two major things happen. 1. Ronet Korr was discovered to have been imposted for atleast most of his second term in office, a special report went out on the holonet named Senator Ronet Korr Kidnapped and Imposted!. The second thing that happened was that Ronet Korr discovered that his Indrustial Ministry was infact a Sith Lord armed with this knowledge Ronet Korr approached his Minister on this matter, his minister denied any knowledge of the force. Soon after this Senator Ronet Korr was to be declared dead! After his believed remains were found within his ship that had crashed into an underpart of Bakura. It had been said that he crashed around 1800 complaining of mechanical malfunctions on the prior Wednesday. The Bakura Civilian Security Force and the 501st Division have been working on this investigation together. The 501st was able declared that upon arrival of the scene specialised clones in crashing said that it was unlikely that the Senator had survived the initally crash let alone the explosion that followed. This crashed ended the career of Ronet Korr. It is believed that he would of stepped down after being ashamed that he had a sith lord in his team and presence.

Return of Ronet KorrEdit

Doctor Korr returned to the public life months after the crash, he did not appear to be injured or even dead. Many were shocked by his returning, an annoucement was made that the dead body in the ship was infact his wife, and he had been grieving for the last few months over his dead wife. He also annouced that his company Korr Korr Pharmaceutics and Exporting Corps (KPEC) would be realising new products aswell as holding a conference for buyers and sellers to attend. Korr was given the title of BSF Commmissioner, which he held for a few months before giving it up to new blood, at this time he gave his title up the Queen approached him and asked him to be her Personal Advisor, since then he has kepted a watchful eye on her, suspecting that the Senator of Bakura is up to no good and is trying to get rid of the Queen.

Opposition to the QueenEdit

Doctor Ronet Korr was a strong opposer to the Monarchy. When Queen Ma'at left Bakura, he held a conference, endorsing the new King, who was a face for the Bakuran Senate. Doctor Ronet Korr, being a key member of the Shadow Bakuran Senate, which operated in secret during the rule of the Royal Nepthys family. He was instrumental in the return to power of the Bakuran Senate. Once the Senate had regained control, Doctor Korr would fade out of public life.

Death Edit

During the rule of Queen Talia Kristan, Ronet would work in secret to bring her rule to an end. Continuing to throw rumours on the rumour mill of Bakura, he would create unrest where ever he could. Being a strong supporter of the Bakuran Senate he maintained life outside of the spotlight. During the first few days of rebellion breaking out on Bakura.  Doctor Ronet Korr organised and took a squadron of rebels to take control of the Palace. However the skill and numbers of the Palace Guard were overwhelming for Dr Ronet Korr and his squadron. After a two hour siege between Palace Guards and Dr Korr and his squadron, he was eventually killed.


  • Senator of Bakura
  • Founder of Korr Pharmaceutics and Exporting Corps (KPEC)
  • Commmissioner of the BSF


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