Lord Sinuous inside Roon Castle

Lord Sinuous inside Roon Castle

Roon is a Planet of the Star Wars universe.

On Second Life, planet Roon is the homebase of the Obsidian Dominion, led by Sith Lord Sinuous. During his time in Roon Lord SInuous accumulated various articles of interest and restored some areas, this included some of the following:

  1. Embrace of Pain
  2. Orb of Passage
  3. Revan’s Mask
  4. Ancient Aaeton Arena
  5. Shamunaar
  6. Cloning Center

 10 years have come and gone. Lord Sinuous took flight to the stars traveling to Ziost, residing there approx. 5 years then leaving for unknown space. Now back from unknown space he returns to Roon's Mountain range in search of a hidden temple belonging to the Dark Brotherhood.  

Timeline Edit

The roleplay on Roon, happens on 272 ABY.

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