Coruscant Underworld concept art

Prologue Edit

The underbelly of Coruscant was a harsh and desolate place for some; so far from the prying eyes of the bourgeoisie upper-class, criminals were often given free reign to do as they please. Born eight weeks premature. Rorik's mother suffered massive internal hemorrhaging and died shortly after giving birth, leaving his older sibling, a trainee pilot in the Imperial navy, to raise the child from that point onward.

Rorik was humbled by the life she provided throughout his partially impoverished childhood. There was no doubt that as the boy grew, so too did her prestige, steadily developing the same resolute attitude that eventually lead to his own enlistment into the Imperial academy, aspiring to mirror the success she had found. Unfortunately, he was later forced to abandon his naval ambitions and transition into a harsh working environment, compensating for the financial instability brought on by her untimely demise at the hands of the enemy. Manufacturing droid visual receptors through intensive manual labour and earning only the bare minimum in the process, Rorik found himself gradually declining further down the tier of socialist class, grinding tirelessly but never truly moving ahead. Inevitably he grew restless, refusing to live in the confines of wartime austerity any longer. It was only through illegitimate means did he begin to accumulate a small network of contacts who in turn managed to provide the poverty stricken juvenile with the means to purchase a small freighter. Finding more profitable income in the outer rim than he ever would have on Coruscant.

Throughout his adolescence (256-260 ABY) he profited vastly whilst moving freely across various systems, expanding his pre-existing network of contacts and ensuring that he would never be without work. This did however come at a cost, often finding himself overloaded with contractual obligations that progressively became a stress inducing burden. With more than enough credits at his disposal, It was an instinctual need to recharge and unwind that initially brought Rorik to New Alderaan, though the natural landscape and serene forests may have initially caught his eye, it was a pulling sensation that eventually lead him to discover the hidden Jedi enclave, and through that, his connection to the force.

It took him roughly one year to understand his new position in life and to eventually be taken on for tutelage by a Jedi. While many beings spent much longer in the initiate cycle of the Order, it was largely due to the intervention of Ulmiq Sol that Rorik took on the role of padawan so soon. The Chiss had taken such a keen interest in the young human, despite the troubled past that still burdened him. After a sequence of trails that lead to the acquisition of his own colbalt imbued Kyber crystal. It took a relationship of both instruction and patience for Rorik to finally construct his very own lightsaber. Although Ulmiq had preferred the young padawan to adapt to Form III, to much disapproval Rorik instead pursued another avenue in way of the Krayt Dragon, Form V. Only eventually incorporating aspects of Form III to counterbalance the aggression in conflict he often succumb to.

Only two years after the beginning of his training, Rorik and the Chiss were sent on a local mission to put an end to a band of individuals terrorizing the under-class of the city. For Rorik, it was a return home, and seeing his neighborhood for the first time in eight years moved him unfathomably. However; at the peak of their investigation, The two discovered that the group whom had been responsible were old childhood friends of the padawan, who had also served alongside him at the Imperial Academy. Rorik was inevitably forced into battle, and in the process of disarmament, inadvertently removed the man's hand. Deeply troubled and somewhat traumatized by the event that took place, He spent many days meditating on what he had done, forced, over and over, to relive the encounter with the man whom he had presumed was once a good hearted and well natured child. This mission would help showcase, to Rorik, how many shades of grey the galaxy was painted in.

In another incident, Rorik and the Chiss found themselves on a mission to a planet on the outer rim, hailed by a call for aid from the local government. In the process of their mediation, however, Rorik discovered that the planet's government, while not outlawing, did in fact tolerate slavery. In action driven by compassion, and against Ulmiq's instruction, Rorik freed nearly two dozen slaves of varying species. As a result, the duo were promptly booted off of the planet for interfering in local affairs. Upon their return to the enclave, Rorik was called before the Jedi Council and forced to explain his actions. While the council harshly reprimanded him for damaging relations with the planet's government, no disciplinary action was taken due to the extreme circumstances of the situation. It was during this time that relations between what came to be later known as the Republic, and the Jedi were improving. This however brought Rorik great frustration, as he still held deep resentment for the government that in turn, held him back from advancing to Knighthood. After the declaration of the galactic triumvirate, Rorik repeatedly expressed his objections against the newly formed alliance, leading republican politicians and service personnel to hold the young padawan in contempt. This often lead to a bitter relationship between the two, openly mocking and belittling one another's efforts on the field, continuing for some time until an inevitable outburst inevitably occurred, causing not only the destruction of public property, but the assault of a well respected senator who called for his immediate imprisonment. By law the Jedi Council could not interfere with the proceedings, leading Rorik to feel abandoned by those he trusted dearly. To be left at the the mercy of the politicians and generals spawned a tremendous amount of hate that steadily festered over the course of the imprisonment. It was only by utilising this destructive potential did he later find the means escape, slaughtering those on board the orbital prison before fading into obscurity, left without friends, family or purpose.

266 ABY Edit