The Ruusan Museum of Art houses rare artwork and artifacts created by numerous SWRP players from around the galaxy. The museum's curators are Master Brihan Takacs, Master Zoffa Morico, and Lady Kimmie Aeon as Curator of Darkside Antiquities. The first floor of the museum contains many paintings and sculptures.

Some of the most notable items on display in this section are Logray's staff along with many more staves and weapons, a Mustafar lava crystal, a large lightsaber hilt collection, and a small piece of the legendary Kaiburr crystal. The second floor of the museum contains darkside artifacts. Revan's Helm, the Vjun Emeperor's Holocron, the Eye of Naga Sadow, and the Sword of Ajunta Pall can be found on the second floor. The museum curators ask that no one touch the artifacts because not only are they precious but a few such as the Sword of Ajunta Pall can be dangerous. Each artifact has a small plaque next to it and when touched gives the museum patron a notecard explaining the artifact's history, how it was discovered, and who donated it to the museum.

The Ruusan Museum of Art is located on the Upper Village level of Ruusan, adjacent to the mall and is open to the general public. Donations to the museum are always welcome and can be given to one of the Curators to be put on display.

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