"Kriff, what is that noise... no... no, run, it's one of the creatures!!"

-Ruusan Farmer

Beginning approximately half a year after the earthquake that had left Ruusan a vastly different place than it had been before, reports began to come in from planetary civilians that strange creatures had been sighted in the mountains and wilderness near the Valley of the Jedi, where the New Order of the Jedi temple had recently been rebuilt.

After several months of investigation, the infestation was ended by Jedi Knight Mikori Lawson.

Detailed AccountEdit

Incursions by these creatures became more and more daring, and as they began attacking sentients, Jedi Investigators attempted to gather information on them while at the same time keeping them away from the Ruusan settlers. Over the next few months, the following information was collected.

  • The creatures arrived an unknown time ago - no more than several months. They are not indigenous to the planet.
  • They appear to be strictly carnivorous, and all but ignore the local fauna. They appear to attack only sentient targets.
  • In particular, the creatures seem attracted to Force sensitive targets. Level of training appears to have no bearing.
  • The creatures are currently being contained by the Jedi Knights and Masters in the area of the Ruusan Waterfall, though they occasionally do venture further toward the residences. Please travel with care.
  • The Force has a muted effect on them, similar to its effect on the Yuuzhan Vong - it is easier to sense them through their absence than it is to sense them directly.
  • They appear to have the ability to camoflauge themselves to blend in with the local environment. They use pack tactics, and attack without warning.
  • Various Jedi have reported a sense of the Dark side about them. Consulting with Consulars and Historians reveals similarities to Dark side creatures bred through Sith Alchemy for the express purpose of hunting Jedi.
  • Sentience is yet to be determined. They are very intelligent, and are able to adjust their tactics to better suit their prey. Several attempts at communication have been unsuccessful.
  • Rendering them unconscious, either through unarmed combat or tranquilizers, seems to have a very brief effect on them.
  • Upon death, the creatures dissolve in short order, leaving very little traces of their presence behind. The exact reason behind this is still unknown.

This information, combined with other evidence and scouting missions to other systems, lead Ruusan Jedi Sentinels to believe that these were a form of Sithspawn, bred specifically to hunt Jedi.

Final ConfrontationEdit

With as much information gathered as possible and with extensive experience combating the creatures, Mikori Lawson set out through the Ruusan mountains in order to track them to their source.

Despite initial difficulties in following evidence of their passage, Mikori came across what appeared to be their home after several weeks of searching. Over nearly a full day of conflict, the Jedi fought his way through a series of caves and down to the apparent source of the creatures before they had been corrupted through Sith Alchemy - a Terentatek.

The final battle was fought quickly. Despite inflicting several injuries on the Jedi, the Terentatek was defeated when Mikori managed to throw a Thermal Detonator into the creature's throat, bringing the conflict to and end. Since then, no further Sithspawn have been reported on Ruusan.

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