"Chance favours the prepared mind, so go and may the force guide and protect you...always."

— Rykiana Shalzua

"all things have a balance, light and dark hot and cold, full plate empty.....*sighs*..who took my ronto burger?"

— Rykiana Shalzua

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Rykiana Ferina born above the planet of Abregado-rae. At the age of five he had allready got himself into allot of trouble, but it was always good natured, at the age of 10 he met a jedi knight who beleived Rykiana had a strong force presence and spoke with his family to take him back to Yavin IV.

Childhood Edit

Rykiana's child hood was suprisingly normal untill the jedi apprached his home. He would spend his days in pitched battles against infomous sith such as revan and malek, and Naga shadow, and by night he would look up at the stars and dream of all the wonders out there to be seen. One day he broke his leg trying to fly a starship he had made out of an old retro housing, as he jumped he got his foot caught on the rock which sent him tumbling to the ground..hard. He would often fight with his sister and play cruel tricks on her, but what he loved doing the most was sitting on a hill in the valleys with his bearded Jax which he named "Raxeef". His days were filled with sun and laughter, he was lucky...and he knew it.


On his 10th birthday, his father gave him a small box and told him not to open it until he felt ready and that the time was right to use what was inside. His father often done this with little trinkets that he had picked up off world during his trips to other systems as a core miner, and as always rykiana placed it in a plasteel container at the foot of his bed. The one day while he was lost deep in his imagination, fighting evil wrong doers in starships, the jedi came.

Rykiana had only seen jedi on the Holocast's when one of them would do an exceptionaly good deed or saw them in the giant halls of the galactic republic forum channel. He sat at the top of the stairs straining to hear what the jedi was saying. All he remmebers after that was feeling overjoyed that him, a boy in a backwater town on a backwards planet was being chosen to become a jedi. And before he had chance to breath he was in his first lesson learning about the living force, feeling like the luckiest little boy in the galaxy.

Personality & Traits Edit

Rykiana's personality is somewhat strange to many that meet him, even though through the tragedy of loosing his wife and contracting a fatal disease, he remains supprisingly upbeat, but always calm and understand when in council, just as a jedi is expected to be.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Lightsaber TrainingEdit

Rykiana was lucky with the master that trained him through out his time on Yavin and New Holstice, as his master knew some ancient styles of lightsaber combat. Rykiana embraced them and uses them even to this day, he uses a combination of Falling Leaf, shiim and Jung ma and has been know to occasionaly throw in a little Dun Möch. Although rykiana will try and avoid all forms of combat when possible, and only if its a necessity

Force AbilitiesEdit

  • Alchaka
  • Force Meld
  • Force Empathy
  • Force Vision
  • Force Cloak
  • Force Defend
  • Force Confusion
  • Force Flight
  • Force Flash
  • Wall of Light
  • levitation
  • Malacia
  • Force Speed
  • Force Jump
  • Force Comprehension
  • Force Deflection (without lightsaber)
  • Force Throw
  • Force Wave (variation of force push)
  • Tapas
  • Precognition
  • Force Heal
  • Force Blinding
  • Force Stun
  • Force Valor
  • Droid Disable
  • Saber Throw
  • Saber Barrier

Training Edit

  • comming soon*

Knighthood Edit

Rykiana trained as a jedi untill the age of 18. While a padawan he contracted a fatal illness from a desease born of a creature on Yavin IV called the Yslimiri, because the creature exudes no force presence at all and is unaffected by the force so was the disease. Medical intervention proved impossible aswell. Rykiana was bestowed the honor of Knighthood for passing the knight trails, that and for the successful liberation of a small village on the world of Lok, from theives and bandits.

Mastering Edit

He learned to live with the knowledge that he would die young and that his body would deteriate quickly. At 18 he decided to leave the order on Yavin to give birth to a new jedi order, in hopes that the jedi would flourish once more accross the galaxy in several different orders.

Rykiana spent a years transversing the lower city levels on Coruscant a year after the order was formed following rumors of a jedi who contracted the same disease but was cured. Master Yoki lightfoot and Master Kohime came looking for him and brought him back to the order His mind was quickly beeing taken from him by the disease, and as a further result his ability to use the force was diminishing quickly. A few years later after he proffessed his love for Master Lightfoot, she was killed by a sith in the alasian forest on Onderon. After her Death Master Ferina set himself the task to track down the sith that killed the woman he loved, after unsuccessfully locating him, he locked himself away in deep meditation for months on end untill he whent to Corellia on a trade mission, after that he Vanished from the order and has not been seen since.

Many years of passed, since Rykiana was last seen then from the shadows as if a ship was emerging from a dust storm Rykiana made his presence know once more. Along with the Ac'Trayth Jedi in tow


Rykiana Carries very little than he needs. On his belt he usually brings the bare essentials, nutrition supplements, comm link, bacta patches and a small datapad used to connect to the Ac'Trayth main frame.


Rykiana prefers to be traditional with what he wears, when not in his private chambers he wears a tradition old republic beige tunic, with embroided edges, Beige tabbards with a brown edge and gold embroidery. A sturdy belt and brown pants along with a set of comfy boots. On the rare occasion when he has been seen not wearing his robes, he could be seen wearing a loose fitted Nabooian shirt, along with elegant yet baggy Corellian crushed silk pants.


Rykiana uses two lightsaber's created from a combination of polysteel copper, and dura-ally steel, with hints of cold. He uses a old republic style power cell in each, although unstable at times it offers more of a power shunt than modern day power sources. The blades that are emmited are generated through a Upari crystal in each saber which gives the blade a strange blue glow, he soon afterwards added a secondary focusing lens into each saber with a normal purple coliur crystal giving the blades a very washed out purple look.

Family Edit

*comming soon*

Accomplishments Held Edit


  • Create first and active role playing "Knights of the Old Republic" Jedi order
  • Settled the first Jedi Order on a full Star Wars themed Sim as well as assisted in its operations.
  • First Rebellion Flight Squadron Commander
  • Developed Second Life's first T-Wing, E-Wing, G-Wing, A-Wing, O-Wing, X-TIE, and Naboo-N1 Fighter.
  • Assisted in the creation and Implementation of the DCS - Dantooine Combat System (no affilation with DCS2 (Dynamic Combat System)


  • Only jedi to be actively hunted longer than a year by the sith.
  • Created the unique Jedi Order known as the Ac'Trayth and its copyright.
  • Took part in the creation and RP in PreBBY Alderaan