Ryto Mortosa was born on the planet Adrola. His father, Jara Mortosa, was a member of the lykatsume tribe, and a respected mechanic and hunter in the community. His mother, Stolia Duvek, a citizen of Adrola's sister planet, Bycttus, traveled to Adrola with her father, a councilor of a Bycttan colony, to meet with the councilor of the Usbera tribe. Stolia fell off of a transport, while on the way to the Usbera region, landing in the upper community of the Lykatsume. It was Jara who discovered her unconscious and injured. He took her back to the Lyaktsume medical facilities, were the rest of the Bycttan Councilor's party managed to track her. She suffered from a severely broken leg, a concussion, and a chipped vertebra in her lower back. The physician recommended she not travel for several weeks. Jara never left her side. Her father's business called him away every so often, but all his free time was spent in the hospital bed. Stolia remained unconscious for three days. She awoke to find Jara, a stranger to her in her room, her father away on a political matter. She screamed, seeing the stranger, startling him and the nurses who rushed in. After she finally calmed down, realizing where she was, Jara explained what had happened. They spent most of the day talking until her father returned. Seeing her awake, he insisted she be taken back home, but the hospital would not release her due to the complications that could arise from her back injury. Stolia's father conceeded to the doctor's better judgement and was called home to Bycttus the next day, assuring he would return for visits and to retrieve her when the physicians okayed her departure. This allowed Jara the opportunity to visit Stolia daily, shortly after they fell in love. Upon the return of the Bycttan Councilor, Stolia refused to travel back to Bycttus, feeling a connection to Jara, and to Adrola. This angered her father, who eventually disowned her. Saddened and unsure of her decision, Stolia bid her father a farewell. Jara re-assured her she would be fine, and that she was welcome with him and the tribe. They married a week later. After two years of marriage, and Stolia taking on a position as a teacher of aged four lykatsume children, the brought their only son Ryto into the world.


Ryto had a relatively normal childhood on Adrola, often visiting his mother's family on Bycttus. Even though Stolia was disowned by her father, she did not shy away from giving her son the chance to know his Bycttan half. Ryto was a rambunctious child, often getting into trouble. Even though he had been bitten multiple times by his father for tackling people, running wildly through the streets, and various things, he still kept his playful and optimistic attitude. His actions greatly concerned his parents, as he seemed more prone to the base mannerisms of the lykatsume form, and later forms he learned. His physician reassured them it was normal, since he was half bycttan, and his genes would respond differently to transformations and such. Eventually Ryto got around to biting himself when he realized something he had done, which concerned them even further. He would frequently get into fights in school, combining his bycttan temper with the sharp teeth and claws. Apart from his excitable nature, Ryto, was an avid adventurer. Once he completed his schooling on Adrola at the age, he left. Looking for exploration and adventure. He made his first stop on Tatooine before making his way to Yavin where he stumbled across an old friend from school, Miratae Avro. Ryto preffers to run around in his alternate forms, to that of his human form. The forms he has learned include the lykatsume form he knew from birth, three serpaqor forms and a jaynthor form. Being half Bycttan, Ryto was strong in the use of mind speak from an early age, using it to communicate to others, individuals and groups, while in his alternate forms.