The SA-44 Hammerhead was a starfighter produced by Slayn & Korpil.


Sa44 2

The rear of the SA-44, displaying its ion engines.

The SA-44 was a competent medium fighter with competitive performance for its day, outclassing its peers especially in the strength of its shields. Its mobility was owed to the use of ion engines arrayed widely along its center of mass, and its firepower was packaged in the form of two formidable "medium" laser cannons and two proton torpedo launchers, though each had only a magazine of three missiles. A decent armor rating rounded out the fighter's design.



The success of Slayn & Korpil's C-5 Faynaa starfighter encouraged the company to pursue a new, more all-around design, especially as constraints on starfighter sizes were beginning to loosen. Ironically, Slayn & Korpil made the switch to the more compact and efficient ion engines, though the heat output of the machine necessitated the addition of large wings for distributing radiation. Also mandating this was a pair of laser cannons, similar in up-scaled power to that of the C-5. A co-pilot cockpit was added to provide more energy-management efficiency, but the starfighter could easily be crewed by only one pilot.


Production of the SA-44 was a straightforward affair, and it enjoyed several decades of success before being retired.

Operational DeploymentEdit

While technically obsolete, the robust starfighter's design and the longevity of its components has insured that many are still in use in backwater regions of the galaxy.

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