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(also referred to in-world as the "Star Wars Planets" notecard) The SWRP Sims and Locations below should be edited by their owners in order to keep information up to date as much as possible. All those involved hope you will enjoy visiting these planets and enjoy yourself in the SWRP Community. 


Post-Legacy era Timeline (220 ABY+)
Location Region (SLurl) Region Type RHCS Other Affiliation
Bakura Fourth Dimension Estate/Full Region Yes SWT Republic
Byss Byss Estate/Full Region No RCS Sith Empire
Dantooine Cayo Amanecer Estate/Homestead Yes   Neutral
Dromund Kaas Dromund Kaas Estate/Homestead No RCS Sith Empire
Endor The Outer Rim Estate/Full Region No Orb Neutral
Hoth Big Apple Estate/Homestead Yes Multiple Neutral
Korriban Korriban Estate/Full Region Yes Sith Empire
Mos Eisley Skylar Estate/Full Region Yes DCS2 Neutral
Nar Shaddaa YToub System Estate/Full Region Yes RCS, DCS2 Hutt Clan Council
New Alderaan Fourth Dimension Estate/Full Region Yes Republic
New Holstice Sirius Estate/Full Region No FFC Neutral
Ossus Brazos Mainland/Full Region No RCS Sith Empire
Ord Mantell Kagemusha Estate/ Full Region Yes  AOWCS Neutral
Taris The Outer Rim Estate/Half-Full Region No Orb Neutral
Tython Kiwi Isle Mainland/Full Region Yes Neutral
Umbara Warm Beach Estate/Homestead Yes RCS, AoWCS
Yavin 4 Yavin IV Estate/Full Region Yes RCS Neutral
Zonama Sekot Tenjin Mainland/Full Region Yes DCS2, RCS Neutral

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