The SWRP sims and locations below should be edited by their owners in order to keep information up to date as much as possible. All those involved hope you will enjoy visiting these planets and enjoy yourself in the SWRP community. 


Post-Legacy era Timeline (220 ABY+)
Region Supported Systems In-universe
SLurl Type RHCS Other Location Affiliation
Fourth Dimension Estate/Full Region Yes SWT, FFC Coruscant Republic
Byss Estate/Full Region Yes RCS, FFC Byss Sith Empire
Outer Rim Territories Estate/Homestead Yes Dantooine Neutral
Dromund Kaas Estate/Homestead No RCS Dromund Kaas Sith Empire
The Outer Rim Estate/Full Region No Orb Endor Neutral
Korriban Estate/Full Region Yes Korriban Sith
Skylar Estate/Full Region Yes DCS2 Mos Eisley Neutral
YToub System Estate/Full Region Yes ILM-CS Nar Shaddaa Hutt Clan Council
Caymen Harbor Estate/Full Region Yes AoWCS, ILM-CS New Alderaan Galactic Federation of Free Republics
The Outer Rim Estate/Full Region No FFC New Holstice Neutral
Corsa Estate/ Full Region No AoWCS Onderon Neutral
Tranquil Moments Estate/ Full Region Yes AoWCS, FFC Sarapin Sith
The Outer Rim Estate/Half-Full Region No Orb, FFC Taris Neutral
Lightkeeper Mainland/Full Region Yes Tython Galactic Federation of Free Republics
Yavin IV Estate/Full Region Yes AoWCS Yavin 4 Galactic Federation of Free Republics
Sandy Dunes Estate/Full Region No AoWCS, SWT Mos Espa, Keldabe Neutral
Animus Valley Estate/Full Region No ILM-CS, AoWCS Balmorra Fel Empire
Lonely Star Estate/Full Region No ILM-CS Kashyyyk Jedi
Virgin Atoll Estate/Full Region Yes ILM-CS, AoWCS Nilash III Sith
Brander Mainland/Parcel No FFC, AoWCS Zeltros Neutral

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