Manufactured by the Legion of Yulan, saber droids possess a somewhat greater intelligence than your typical B1 battle droid (excluding speech).  Their most noticeable features include:
  • A red and black paint job
  • Extra armor
  • A lack of a backpack for better agility
  • A pair of tusks (which act as transmitters)

Their key features, however, are their built-in repulsors to simulate force jump, dash, repulse and push (lightning, or an electrical discharge, is also included), along with their main weapon; a red lightsaber.


"If I were you, I would be concerned about your safety if you ever happen to come face-to-face with more than one of our saber droids.  You know exactly how lethal they are on their own ... don't you?"
- Mathazar Singas to Jedi Knight Oodeef Manamana

Originally designed as a means of defense, their creator, Cortaan Yulan, quickly realized that they could be used for a far greater purpose.  Thanks to their ability to act stealthily and transmit live data without the need to store anything it gathered in its databanks, they made for excellent spies.  Originally equipped with regular blaster rifles, they were soon replaced with cheaply built lightsabers to better defend themselves and/or attack if necessary.  The increased processing power helped them control the blades with great skill, however they did not last long against Jedi during their first outings.  To counter this, the droids could study the movements and fighting styles of their opponents which resulted in the droids pinpointing weakspots and using them to their advantage.  They would eventually be implemented with repulsors to stand a far better chance.  In time, they have become a very lethal weapon capable of matching the likes of Jedi masters.

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