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Biography Edit

Note: This is a novelized version of the life of this character. The beginning is the background and has not been roleplayed in the world. Parts of the rest may have been slightly changed to ensure a global consistence.

Early Life Edit

Sabrina was born in the underworld on Taris to working-class Zabrak mother and father. Her mother named Trisha Xalim worked as a manager in a bread factory, while her father Alex Xalim made a living fixing holonet terminals and jukeboxes in the numerous seedy establishments in the underworld. From the time Sabrina was a baby, her father would bring her along with him as he worked, often just secured in a sling to his back. He would joke to the patrons that his daughter always had his back.

When Sabrina became a toddler and too troublesome for her father to keep on his back constantly, her father built her walker of sorts out of old jukeboxes and broken holonet screens. The screen would flash colorful pictures to Sabrina and play hit show-tunes when she pressed the icons on the screen. Alex, her father, would leave her in a corner to play as he worked.

As Sabrina aged, eventually her mother and father spent a few credits to buy her a functional holo-net terminal so she could listen to real news and live music, she loved each almost equally.

"Those reporters on the news are the smartest people in the galaxy," her father once told her. "They go out there and find stories, and tell it like it is. They're working for us you know... the working people... not the corporations and governments. They are good people, and one day you'll be just like them." Trisha, Sabrina's mother, called him a fool and idealist.

Underworld Edit

Once Sabrina reached the age of 7, her family decided she was old and clever enough to start working on her own. Her family made a deal with a friend who managed one of the restaurants where her father fixed things frequently; Sabrina would bus tables and start off at a quarter-pay, if she did well, as she got older they would bump up her pay.

Sabrina was a poor menial laboror, however. She was frequently knocking over chairs, dropping plates and cups, getting distracted by the jukebox or the holonet screen above the bar, or getting caught up in whatever gossip or stories the local patrons were telling. As time progressed, her pay was eventually cut in half again, and her hours were cut as well, her duties relegated to helping to open and close the bar only.

During this time, however, Sabrina developed the reputation as a reliable source of information. Her time spent listening to gossip and rumors paid off, and she was quickly making more money than she would have from full wages at the bar. All of her money she gave back to her parents, except that which she used to buy informetion herself, which she then resold.

Her mother approved of this work, however her father demanded it stop at once. His take was any information she had should be publically available, not kept secret. Secrets, in his opinion were what was killing society, and what the galaxy needed was more freedom of information, not for it to be taxed.

Following her father's wishes, she stopped trading in gossip, and quickly afterwards was fired once and for all from her job at the bar.

The Bread Factory Edit

Sabrina's mother arranged a position for Sabrina at the bread factory where she worked. Sabrina proved a far better automation overseer than a busser of tables, since the job involved little more than watching monitors, and calling in repair techs when the machines malfunctioned.

Despite Sabrina's ability to perform the work, she did not enjoy it. Cramped up in a drab control room by her self, Sabrina fell back on the music she loved and grew up on. Though she was not permitted to watch holonet while she was at work she was allowed to listen to music, and so every day she brought in new songs and would sing along to them.

As a teenager, it got to be that Sabrina would almost never remove her music headset. She would listen to music while eating lunch, having conversations, or walking down the street. And she would sing.

Singing CareerEdit

Sabrina was sitting outside one evening, taking a break from her work. She had her eyes closed and was belting out a song she had made up that day about the hardships of having to work a job she hated. Sabrina was not alone in the alley, however. As it happened a talent scout for a well known undercity club, The Matador, was making his way out of his home just as Sabrina was singing. The scout, a Rodian by the name of Gweedo Veyres approached Sabrina and pushed a stack of 50 credits into her hand, and told here there were a lot more where those came from if she just came to the club on the afternoon of the next day.

Sabrina finished up her day at work and went home to tell her parents. Her father was suspicious of the offer, since he had heard that it was a club of ill repute, but her mother insisted that Sabrina should go along and audition. Trisha has seen how unhappy Sabrina was working at the bread factory, and knew first-hand what a fantastic voice Sabrina had.

The next day Sabrina and Trisha went to the club. As promised, even before Sabrina started singing Gweedo handed Trisha another 50 credits. The club manager, Shan’ja Sarrion, sat inconspicuously at a table and watched the performance as Gweedo picked several top 200 songs at random off the pop charts and asked Sabrina to sing them. Without missing a beat, Sabrina performed them; those that she couldn’t remember the lyrics of she made up and then apologized for afterwords -- She needn’t have bothered apologizing, they loved her. Sarrion walked up to the stage and dropped a stack of 2,000 credits on the stage before she turned to Trisha asking when Sabrina could start.

It didn’t take long for her parents to consent to Sabrina working at the club, with some restrictions. With the money they were making, her father could afford to give up his job and go along with Sabrina to ensure she was safe at each of the shows.

The first couple weeks, most of what Sabrina focused on were learning not how to sing but how to perform; dance and choreography, working with microphones and cameras, reading crowds, and finally dressing appropriately -- the last would eventually present the biggest challenge.

Sarrion and Gweedo became fond of Sabrina, not just for the traffic she brought to the club, but as a person. Sabrina had an impeccable integrity instilled in her by her mother and father, and it showed though in her honesty and concern for others.

As time passed, Sabrina gained notoriety amongst the lower levels of Taris, but her fame stopped there. Sarrion invited several music managers from the surface to attend her club abd see Sabrina perform, but they all said the same thing: She was an amazing performer, but would never make it on the surface, due to the fact she was a Zabrak, and the galaxy wanted to see humans on their holo-screens.

An Elaborate Plot Edit

Sarrion met with Sabrina’s parents, Trisha and Alex, to explain to them the issues of why Sabrina would never make it to the upper levels of Taris as a Zabrak. Her parents were upset, but unsurprised -- they knew it was the truth. Sarrion then pulled from a box a poofy wig and box of makeup. She handed the wig to Sabrina and asked her to put it on, which she did, and then proceeded to apply bink makeup over her traditional face tattoos. Her parents watched in astonishment and some horror as their daughter was made-up in a striking resemblance to the human popstars on the holonet.

Sarrion lied to her parents then and told them that 80% of the humans on the holonet were not really humans anyway, but had been made up to look that way. She begged them to allow her to take Sabrina to the upper levels next week dressed as a human and let her perform in a bar. Alex would be allowed to come along, dressed as her bodyguard, but couldn’t interact with her, otherwise. After some heated discussion, they consented to the plan.

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This character was created in April 2011