"The name 'Sae'hal' was meant to be passed down to me, from my father. Though as my name was not chosen for me, the title and privilege of our family's bloodline; This Sith Name rests with you, my apprentice."

— Darth Exitium to Darth Sae'hal II

Sae'hal inquisitor

Darth Sae'hal II, pureblood

Sae'hal was a Sith Name of the bloodline in the family of Darth Exitium and his cousin Darth Sae'hal II passed down from generations starting from the Golden Age of the Sith. It is unknown to the most recent family members of the name last Haj'ra as to why their bloodline offers an alteration to their race. They are called Sith Purebloods.

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