The Zabrak with a TaleEdit

Sairin Bedwen looks down at the small man, " I'm Sairin, from Dathomir."

Cal looked over to the Irodonian / Zabrak that stood before; it seemed the horns held up the hood that was meant to cover the man's head. However, it was difficult to read the expression of the man before him; the dark markings seemed to shield such things. However, Cal bowed his head and replied in a greeted tone, "Greetings, traveler. Welcome to the NOJ enclave on Chandrila. I am Cal."

Sairin Bedwen nods his greetings, " Greetings Cal, I've bring news of old member of the NOJ that has passed on into the Force." dutifully announces, "Sir Zack Andel passed on late in 255. His dying wish was to let the enclave know that wasn't their fault for his failure to resist the dark side."

Cal nodded slowly. The news was sudden and very straight-forward. Indeed, Cal felt that the death of one was only natural to the life cycle. Cal bowed his head in acceptance of the news as he replied mildly compassionately, "Thank you, Sairin of Dathomir. I do not know of this 'Sir Zack Andel', but I will indeed pass this message over to the council." He rose his head and gave Sairin a warm smile. "If it is all right, may I ask why you are bestowed with such a message, Sairin of Dathomir?" Cal asked, feeling somewhat curious. Such news of death was not something many would hold of; Cal felt there was an acknowledgment between this 'Zack Andel' and Sairin, but Cal chose to keep his tongue in his mouth to avoid ignorance.

Sairin Bedwen looks at odd man with expressionless look, waiting for his response, "I see the name has been forgotten as he foretold it would been." replies in brief silences, " His death was a honorable death through he fell to the dark side and took the mantle of Darth Erebos. In his last moments no matter how vast the darkness was in him. The light shown through in the end saving my life."

Cal drew a breath, "He is now one with the Force... Do you have any information on him that I may relay to other Jedi? If not, it is fine. I will surely obtain the information from the Council. However, if you could please reminiscence the final moment so that I may tell of his 'honorable' death of which you speak of?"

Sairin Bedwen nods and replies mournful tone, " He sacificed his life in order to end slavery of myself and Jawa named Reelcoy Plaack. Through Reelcoy has disappeared to seek his own path, which I don't blame him, poor little guy frighten from a murder that he accidentally lose control of his little emotions."

Cal brought the smile to a grin as he replied cheerfully, "Again, I thank you, Sairin of Dathomir. You have done well with bringing us this information. You must understand death is only a natural member of the life cycle. And that cycle continues. His body will decompose and the energy will be shared amongst natural life. But at the same time, he himself will ascend to become one with the Force. Death paves way to new life, besides sentient life. All life is the Force, and vice versa... And now you are granted you freedom. So do what this Jawa, 'Reelcoy Plaack' did. Go and live your life and think on this. Indeed, it is not easy. It is the truth. Do not mourn him, but learn from him. That is what Jedi are. Besides guardians or protectors, we are educators."

Sairin Bedwen bows his head, "Mourn him I do not, miss him I do not. Honor him I do."

Cal bowed his head as well. "Then indeed he died a Jedi worthy of such honor."

Sairin Bedwen bows and looks up at Cal, "I take my leave, Cal. But word of caution I also bring. A darkness is looming for all jedi as well, idle talk through lower forbidden channels speak of Dark Lord taking justice in his own hands. May the force be with you,Cal."

Cal inhaled before he replied, "Indeed, I've heard many things going on with the Sith. Though only a few of them have stepped on these grounds, they've been civil. Or from my experiences they have been. I will accept your words in respect and allow you to leave. May you live safely, Sairin of Dathomir. And live life well."