Salida Tzedek

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Salida Tzedek is a Jedi Xia with the Sovereign Order in the Archives Division. She was a Knight with the Jedi of the New Dawn before they dissolved under pressure. Sali is the younger sister of the crime-boss Alariya Tzedek.

Salida was born on the Apatros mining colony, she was the younger of two sisters, and her parents ran one of the only diners in the area. According to Jedi records at the academy on Yavin IV, both Salida and her sister Alariya were strong force-sensitives. Both were discovered by Jedi Knights Janis Ploon and Ulrich Dagostino while traveling on official business for The Republic.

The records show that due to the lack of quarters on Ploon and Dagostino's GAT-12 ship, Salida would be brought back to Taanab on another transport vessel, with her elder sister travelin with the Jedi immediatly. Records also show that Salida's midichlorian count was only half that of her elder sister's.

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