History Edit

Originally created by Loorga The Hutt who controlled a small group based in Little Mos Eisley (falkor) which participated in pushing out a faction of the Exchange. later came the arrival of Wamba the Hutt Loorga's brother. Wamba proceeded to slip his way into Loorga's empire and finally poison him and take over entirely. The Syndicate swiftly and strongly became the driving force of the planet, leading to the establishment of a stronger Imperial military garrison. The Syndicate and the Empire clashed for a great deal of time leading to many out and out battles in the street. Led by General Elmore Philbin and Wamba's Herald Genesis Barthelmess, the battles became increasingly intense and bloody. Eventually faced with a re-enforced Garrison, and the thought of the city being ripped apart, Wamba made a surprise announcement that he had purchased the planet of Ord Mantell. The Syndicate re-located to rule an Imperial free port planet, and began a war with the clones of Bakura that would last until the eventual destruction of the planet of Ord Mantell in a natural disaster. The Syndicate was disbanded and Wamba gave his former power base lavish compensation for their service. Recently however rumors of the Syndicate having been passed to another Hutt Lord has begun to arise.

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