"Yes laserbrain, this is definitely going to cost you a little extra!"

— Sariss to a passenger in her ship just before running an Imperial blockade

Overview Edit

Sariss Cortes is a human female trader, smuggler and freelancer from the planet of Naboo. She was an officer in the Imperial Navy and a pilot and instructor at the Imperial Academy until nearly the entire Cortes family was killed by the Galactic Empire at the personal order of the Empress due to a undisclosed reason. Captain of the Blackheart, a small Nabooian diplomatic transport that belonged to her father, Sariss eventually joined the Trade Fleet during the reign of current Emperor, Christopher Fel as a cover for her more illegal activities. She assists various criminal organizations in the galaxy in causing instability and disruptions in the Empire space lanes while at same time pursuing her primary goal: Aquiring lots and lots of credits.

Starships Edit

The Blackheart Edit

Snapshot 009

Sariss sitting on her ship, the Blackheart.

Sariss' most prize possesion is her starship that once belong to her by father. Many of the Cortes' family assets were seized after the death of her family by the Empire however the ship itself was in an undisclosed location and was claimed by Sariss. After their deaths, the Blackheart became her home and means to earn a living in the galaxy as the family estate on Naboo became property of the Imperials. Legally the title of the vessel is still in dispute however her attorney on Coruscant is still fighting this in court and the case has been dragged out for years.

A heavily modified customized Nabooian diplomatic transport, the Blackheart can be used for many different kinds of tasks but primarily is used for transport small amounts of cargo that yield a high profit, including passengers wanted by Imperial Empire. Although the ship itself has no offensive weapons, the engines and shielding of the ship have been altered to increase performance beyond was orginally intended by the designers. Perserving the appearence of the original vessel is also important as to not raise suspicion about the Blackheart's true use.

Sariss is so identified with the ship itself that people in some circles call her Sariss Blackheart. She sometimes uses this name as an alias and has plenty of fake identification to back up the name.