(( Scarlett Vuur is a character played on the Account Lokivuur Resident 'born'  July 31st 2012 ))

Scarlett Vuur is the Togrutan daughter of Loki Vuur and adoptive daughter of Alariya Tzedek. A force senstive in training, The young girl was sent to learn the ways of the force and become a Jedi at the young age of five, her parents hoping she would become "A better person than they were."  She has since been a Jedi Iniate with the Galactic liberation alliance for seven years.

Arrival at the Uvena EnclaveEdit

At the age of Five, Scarletts mother Loki insisted on sending her away from the world of crime her parents inhabited, to make best use of her force sensitivity and become a Jedi.  The youngling was unaware at the time what exactly her field trip entailed, but was soon left with the Jedi of Uvena under their protection and care and raised along the other Jedi younglings/ Shistavanen pups of the local area.

Even before her arrival, the young Jedi to be knew exactly what she wanted to be and do. Growing up an fantastical tales of Jedi and Sith, of Good Vs Evil, and of Heroes and Villains, Scarlett was set on one day becoming a Jedi Master herself.  Toy Lightsaber in hand, the youngling declared to the Jedi she would one day vanquish evil and become the "Jedi Queen of the Universe".  This statement of intent has never left the girl as she grew, and even now she still harbours a desire one day own a crown. (Even if she is a bit more realistic, and only wants to be Queen of the galaxy. 
Scarlett01 007

Scarlett, Age 5

She would spend the next 5 years of her life on Uvena, training and learning the ways of the force. Becoming adept in the basics, and having her own interpretations on the will of the force,  she has become a model, if somewhat headstrong, student.  Her simplistic, childlike morals of good vs evil have evolved, though never changed. She is coming to understand the concept of a moral grey area, yet still retains her opinions on right and wrong, and a strong desire to see Justice done. Those who would allow Injustice, in her opinion, are not much better than Sith, And while she may rail against such people, will never allow them to slow down her crusade against the darkside.

During this Five year period, she also once engaged in combat with a member of the Revenant Armada, much to her allies' dismay, and witnessed multiple conflicts with the Sith. All of those increased her resolve to help the innocent and destroy the darkness.

Travel to Nar ShaddaEdit

At the age of Ten, not long after her birthday, The Jedi youngling struck out on her own, disobeying her elders.  During the mass transit from Uvena to relocate around the galaxy that the GLA enacted,  Scarlett searched out a location with high crime and stowed away on a transport ship.  While aware what she was doing was dangerous, the youngling had a desperate need to drown out her parental issues with adventure, choosing to fight crime, The Sith, and the Hutts on their own turf rather than confront her mothers.  Visitng various Jedi Enclaves along the way, she became dismayed with the lack of enthusiasm and general lethargy of the Jedi she met.  Her first days on the moon were spent hiding away, studying the various factions and indivduals to work out her plan of attack.

Since then, the youngling has been in combat with multiple darksiders, fought hard agaisnt the Vornskr packs that hunt out force sensitives, raided an Imperious base, and otherwise done her best to stay alive while doing the right thing!

Corruption Edit

As the young Jedi grew into her teens, she was taken under the wing of the bothan Jedi Knight Frenris. With a rebellious streak for adventure, the teenage padawan was hard to keep on the straight and narrow path - and this came to a head when she was captured by the criminal boss and darksider, Sihivus Verne.

Tortured for weeks on end, the young Togruta struggled to remain true to the path of the lightside, all the while tempted with release in exchange for obedience. It all came to naught, as Scarlett was implanted with a slave device - plunged straight into her mind, the technological horror corrupted the Jedi into a deadly assassin for the crimelord. Not much is kept on record of this time, but it is known that she killed innocents and Jedi alike as part of Vernes plan to take control Nar Shaada.

The child was eventually saved from this fate, but struggled for many years to overcome her fear, anger and hatred surrounding the events, sculpting her into the Jedi she was to become.

Combat Skills and abilities.Edit

Scarlett is proficent in most basic force techniques, being too young to develop any true mastery. Despire her young age, she is a skilled lightsaber combatant, and has moderate force abilities thanks to her 5 years of training with the Uvena Jedi.  She has shown herself able to hold her own against Sith and Dark Jedi, learning and growing more with every fight.
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Traditionally,  The young girl relies on her saber and shield combination in combat. A Cyan blade she constructed as part of her training on Uvena is now backed up by a smaller energy shield she wears at all time, allowing her a strong defense while using her natural Jedi ability to get in close and apply the saber to best effect!

Her force powers are moderate, primarilly relying on Telekinesis over empathic abilities. She has been able to use force pushes and pulls to effect, lifting objects to aid her in combat or disabling opponents.  This however is both exhausting, limiting, and requires more concetration than the youngling can normally afford to give up in combat, so is only used as either a last resort or part of a launching a sneak attack.