Born on Koros Major into the noble house VanHelgon , Sectator was raised from a young age to be a gentleman; However, this was not to be; at the young age of 3, Sectator was kidnapped by Mandalorian raiders, who also killed his parents. From the age 3 up, he was trained as a Mando’ade warrior; bearing the name "Tracyn'werda", meaning "Fire Shadow"; however, at the age of 16, his Mandalorian kidnappers, who by that time had become more mentors than kidnappers to the young Sectator, were killed in sith raid on a Mando outpost.

The Dark Side

The Sith leading the assault sensed Sectator, as he had a powerful connection to the force that had yet to be tapped. Sectator’s attempts to kill the Sith, although resulting in failure, allowed him to gain the respect of this Sith, who took Sectator in, and trained him in the ways of the darkside, and extensively in lightsaber combat, specifically Juyo/Vaapad, and Niman/Jar’kai. At the age of 22, Sectator discovered a holocron that detailed his parents (when they were killed, Sectator was far too young to remember much about them) and their assassination by contracted Mandalorian bounty hunters. Two months later, his Sith master deemed him worthy of bearing the title “Darth”, giving him the name of Darth Sectator.

Ke nu jurkad sha Mando'ade

However; six months later, a day after Sectator’s 23rd birthday, Sectator betrayed his Sith master, killing him, as it turned out, this sith had been responsible for the contracting of the Mandalorians who killed Sectator’s parents, and in turn for the death of the same Mandalorians while covering his tracks. One notable thing is that Sectator did not kill his master with his traditional saber, but with a Mandalorian Sword, a Beskad instead.


For the next few months, Sectator, now going by the name of Lord Sectator VanHelgon, donned the traditional Beskar’gam of the Mando’ade warriors, and worked as a Mercenary, using his force powers extensively, with his friend and boss, Nico Fett, alongside a few notable others, such as Lord Scientia, Ala Viszla, and Xarga Ordo. While looking for work, Sectator, now bearing the title of “Lord” as opposed to “Darth”, came across the Empress of the Tetan Empire, Xera Keto, in a cantina on Taris, where he told her of his employment search. Subsequently, she offered him a place in the Tetan Legion, the Army of the Tetan Empire. Sectator, now aware of his Tetan origins, accepted earnestly, and went to Kathalon to report to his commanding officer, Lieutenant Soze Rejkus. While there, he also met Sergeant Hanzar, a veteran in the Tetan Legion, and Sergeant Major Octar.

In Service of The (Tetan) Empire

Lord Sectator, taking a big step down by accepting the lowly position of “Private” worked hard to prove himself in the eyes of his commanding officers, and in the eyes of the Empress herself. A few weeks later, Sectator Tacyn'werda VanHelgon was promoted to Private First Class by Empress Xera Keto. After requesting the permission of the Empress, Sectator joined the Galactic Alliance Army, becoming a Private in the GAA under CO Major Myst. Sectator’s journey was not all smooth; while in a cantina on Naboo, he was attacked by two Mandalorians working for the Revenant Armada, a sworn enemy of the Tetan Empire. By this time, Sectator and Nico had a small base on Mos Espa, and shortly after Imperial Remnant forces moved into a building nearby, Sectator was attacked again, this time by the Remnant. Aside from the attacks by hostile forces, Sectator also clashed opinions with members/allies of the Tetan Legion, such as Commodore Werda. This turned out to be taken easily by the high ranking Tetan Ally, much to Sectator’s relief.

Lock and Load

While Sectator’s story went on, so too did the rest of the galaxy’s, some prominent action occurring on Bothuwai and Nar Shadda, between Black Sun and GA allied forces. It was seen prudent, at this time, by the Empress Xera Keto, to acquire advanced weapons for the Tetan Legion. After recruiting his friend Xarga Ordo into the Legion, Sectator and Ordo were the first members of the Legion to test the new tech, provided by the very same Commodore Werda that Sectator had clashed with before. Both Xarga Ordo and Sectator chose to try the Type-17 AR.

Equipment and Abilities

Sectator, while being a prominent force-user, and able to use many force powers, slowly lessened his usage of the force after the death of his Sith Master, until he joined the Legion, where now he only uses it in extreme situations. Otherwise, he prefers his Type-17 and his Jetpack. At one point, Sectator was known to use a minigun.

He always carries with him a communications device, a RADAR for detecting people within 100 meters, and a Comm Jammer that prevents his comms from being recorded, all bought from the money he gained from his dead Sith Master.


Sectator’s armor is varying all the time, although when he is on duty at the Legion, he dons the standard Legion armor. He has been known to wear Beskar’gam, Tetan Armor, GAD Trooper Armor, and Various other armor. His Beskar’gam colors are grey with green details.


Aside from his armor, his weapons, and his ship, Sectator does not own much, aside from what was left of his considerable family inheritance, being an only child, which he took back from the Sith who organised his parents’ assassination..

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