Seireese (or Darth Seireese) was a female Sephi, who at first was a member of the Jedi Order in the Galactic/ Old Republic days, but fell to the Dark Side, after being betrayed by her lover (thought to be a fellow Jedi knight, but in truth was a Sith Spy). Exact details of Seireese's love affair remain unknown; what is known, is that she had a daughter with him, who is a maternal ancestor of Voreese. In the years afterwards, Seireese trained hard with her Sith Master, an unnamed Lethan Twi'lek, with who Seireese later killed, after learning Sith Alchemy and Magic. Seireese finally reunited with her lover, only to kill him and trapped his soul inside a Sith holocron, which can only be opened using her DNA. Seireese's appitite for revenge left her with an empty feeling, which would never go away, the only thing that did make it whole for a while at least, was the fear and suffering of others. So, out of pleasure and boredom Seireese, began terrorizing the entire planet of Thustra, as well as turning a few of its inhabitants into Darksiders, such as her three handmaidens Toreese, Xoreese and Loreese. Thirteen years later, Seireese's older sister and Jedi Knight, Lady Elireese, travelled home to and was made aware of her sisters activities. At first Elireese tried to heal as well as reason with Seireese, but it was futile and they eventually clashed several times. Seireese was too powerful for her sister alone to defeat, and she was forced to bring in five Jedi to help. When all was thought lost, Loreese turned on Seireese and used what she had learned to trap Seireese's soul inside a holocron; which like Seireese's lover could only be opened by a blood relative of Seireese's.